laba Studio FEZ 2018/19

Each year laba conducts a research and design studio with a single topic that is common to both semesters. By having a full two semesters for a project, participants are able to develop urban design and an architectural project from the regional scale down to the architectural project.

laba’s teaching method uses cartography in the first semester to make descriptions of the territory and integrate them in an overall urban reading. The second semester then allows individual participants to define an architectural project within these urban guidelines and develop the project, from a feasibility study through project design.


Project description PDF


Duration of atelier: 1 semester + 1 semester. laba offers two semester courses dedicated to one subject matter.

Content: The first semester investigates the topic at a territorial scale with an interdisciplinary approach. During the second semester students propose their own architectural projects based on the strategic masterplan carried out in the first semester. This procedure can be seen as a dress rehearsal for the master thesis project.

Project theme 2018/19 Environmental Objects: Dwelling on Fez, Industrious Habitat Project site Fez (Morocco).

<sp4); arial=”” font-family:=””>Field trip: The field trip will take place in Morocco, in February 2019, during 8-10 days, before the beginning of the second semester. The costs are within the prescribed amount defined by the SAR: 350CHF per semester, so a total of 700CHF for the whole academic year.

Atelier location: All classes and reviews will be held at the EPFL in Lausanne. Teaching assistants: Alexandros Fotakis and Augustin Clément.

Group work: Students will work in groups of five in the first semester, while dealing with the territorial scale. During the second semester architectural projects are developed individually or in pairs.

Language: the official atelier language is English.