Master’s project or other lab project

Coronavirus information [last updated 01.07.2020]

In view of the extraordinary situation due to the Coronavirus and despite the reopening of borders on 15 June 2020, external students are not currently admitted on EPFL campuses. External student projects can only start after 31 August 2020, subject to modification according to the evolution of the health situation. Applications will be processed again in the coming weeks. For students requiring an entry visa, please plan the project start date taking into account the time required to process the file as well as the visa application (approximately 4 months).


The information below is intended for Bachelor or Master students only. If you are a doctoral student, please refer to the information on this website. If you are not currently enrolled in a university, please contact the laboratory in which you plan to do your project.


In order to obtain the student status at EPFL, the following conditions must be fulfilled (an attestation has to be provided during the online registration):

  • To be registered at a university for the whole duration of the project
  • The project must be required in the academic program and recognized by the home university
  • The duration of the project is of minimum 2 months and maximum 12 months
  • To be accepted by an EPFL professor to do a project under his supervision

If you meet the requirements above, kindly follow the application procedure and fill out the online form. In case you do not meet these requirements, please contact the administrative assistant of the faculty (lab) in which you would like to do your project.