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EPFL offers a wide range of research infrastructures across its several campuses. Learn more about these facilities, accessible to EPFL members and external users.
renewable energy infrastructure epfl


Bertarelli Foundation Gene Therapy Facility

Bertarelli Foundation Gene Therapy Facility

Service specialized in virus production and consultancy

microscopes facility epfl

Bio Electron Microscopy Facility

Using electron microscopes to explore the biological world

BioImaging and Optics Core facility epfl

BioImaging and Optics Core Facility

The BioImaging & Optics platform is dedicated to providing state of the art light microscopes and image analysis tools for life sciences.

biomolecular screening facility epfl

Biomolecular Screening Facility

Providing assay development, screening infrastructure, chemical collections and know-how for the identification of bioactive hits and leads.

micronano technology facility epfl

Center of MicroNano Technology

A world-class technological platform dedicated to research in micro- and nano-fabrication. 1400 m2 surface of cleanrooms and almost 100 pieces of state-of-the-art processing equipment. Used by more than 500 users.

central environmental laboratory epfl

Central Environmental Laboratory

The Central Environmental Laboratory provides expertise and services in the fields of environmental analytical chemistry and molecular biology.

SCITAS facility epfl

Computing resources and services

The SCITAS centre provides EPFL researchers and partners with access to infrastructure and expertise for high performance computing.

cytometry facility epfl

Flow Cytometry Core Facility

The Flow & Mass Cytometry Core Facility provides state-of-the-art instrumentation, technical expertise and advice, training, and cell sorting service.

gene facility epfl

Gene Expression Core Facility

The Gene Expression Core Facility provides a diverse set of tools for the functional and quantitative analysis of genomes and transcriptomes, down to single-cell resolution.

histology facility epfl

Histology Core Facility

A suite of laboratories with all the competence and specialists for a large panel of histological preparations.

microscopy facility epfl

Interdisciplinary Center for Electron Microscopy

The CIME is a central facility in electron microscopy dedicated to studies in solid state physics, material science and life sciences.

rolex center epfl


EPFL Library aims to facilitate excellence in teaching and research by providing rich collections and tailored services to EPFL community.

spectrometry facility epfl

Mass Spectrometry Facility

The facility is equipped with state-of-the-art mass spectrometers to provide the best quality of service to EPFL and external users in a wide range of applications.

nmr facilty epfl

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Facility

The NMR platform provides user support (routine, liquid, solid, bio) and full maintenance of the 23 NMR instruments on the EPFL campus.

protein structure facility epfl

Protein Production and Structure Core Facility

The Protein Production and Structure Core Facility’s mission is to assist, advice and connect researchers in protein sciences and integrative structural biology.

Proteomics Core Facility epfl

Proteomics Core Facility

This platform, with its advanced mass spectrometry methodologies, provides with identification/quantitative analysis of proteins and lipids.

imaging facility epfl

Radiographic & Tomographic Imaging

PIXE benefits from one of the best micro CT scanning systems for the non-destructive and three-dimensional characterization of materials.

xrd facility epfl

X-Ray Diffraction Facility

Bulk and surface characterization of the solid state, including crystal-, electronic- and nano- structures, phase composition and impurities.

Bioengineering and Technology

A center of expertise in translational bioengineering with dedicated infrastructure and services, serving as a bidirectional bridge between the biomedical and EPFL research communities.

Helium liquefaction and recovery system

The helium service provides the EPFL community with liquid helium and recovers the gas to reliquefy it.

Bioinformatics Competence Center (BICC)

BICC is a UNIL-EPFL interinstitutional Center of expertise in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology.


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