ALUMNI EPFL Thesis in collaboration with BSF

For the majority of the following PhD thesis, having an important component of the technologies we provide, the PhD students were trained and supervised in our platform for their projects. Concretely, these students were educated, guided and supported in assay design, assay development, screening, data analysis, hits assignments and hits expansion. These projects aimed at investigating and understanding biological systems with bioactive molecules or probes detected using the designed assays and experiments.


M. Bardyn, J.-D. Tissot (Dir.) – New routes in additive solution formulations to improve the quality of stored red blood cells. Université de Lausanne

V. Campos, O. Naveiras (Dir.) – Metabolic and microenvironmental strategies to accelerate hematopoietic recovery post-aplasia. EPFL, n° 9395

S. Haag, A. Ablasser (Dir.) – Identification and characterisation of small-molecule inhibitors targeting STING. EPFL, n° 9257


A. Bazhin, E. Goun (Dir.) – Novel probes for the non-invasive bioluminescence imaging of mitochondrial membrane potential and dipeptidylpeptidase-4 activity in living animals. EPFL, n° 8061

A. Figuerola Conchas, M. Gotta (Dir.), R. Loewith (Dir.) – The AAA ATPase p97: from the use of genetics to the development of new chemical tools to study its functions. Université de Genève


N. Brandenberg, M. Lutolf (Dir.) – Advanced technologies to control stem-cell based organogenesis. EPFL, n° 7461


A. J. Lamontanara, O. Hantschel (Dir.) – Allosteric regulation and targeting of Abl SH2-kinase interface and other cytoplasmic tyrosine kinases. EPFL, n° 6987

A. Zaffalon, Y. Barrandon (Dir.) – Capturing epidermal stemness. EPFL, n° 6975


C. Varenne, C. Heinis (Dir.), F. Radtke (Dir.) – Phage Selection of Bicyclic Peptides and High-Throughput Screening of Chemical Compounds for the Identification of Novel Inhibitors of the Notch Pathway. EPFL, n° 6635


A. Ranga, M. Lutolf (Dir.) – Systems Biology of 3D Stem Cell-Niche Interactions. EPFL, n° 5685

P. Andreux, J. Auwerx (Dir.) – Identification of genetic determinants and pharmacological modulators of mitochondrial function. EPFL, n° 5795


S. Kobel, M. Lutolf (Dir.), P. Renaud (Dir.) – Microtechnologies to Map the Fate of Single Stem Cells and their Progeny. EPFL, n° 5322


R. Lehal, F. Radtke (Dir.) – Identification and Preclinical Validation of Inhibitors of the Notch Pathway. EPFL, n° 5254


H. Ouertatani-Sakouhi, H. Lashuel (Dir.) – Small Molecule Based Approaches to Inhibit Macrophage Migration Inhibitory Factor (MIF) Activities and Elucidate its Role in Health and Disease. EPFL, n° 4633