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The College of Humanities (CDH) encourages joint research and educational programs that combine the human and social sciences with engineering, life sciences, natural sciences and the other technical fields taught at EPFL. We work through a variety of teaching, research and public outreach programs as described below.

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ArtLab EPFL - photo Adrien Barakat

ArtLab EPFL – photo Adrien Barakat

EPFL Pavilions

EPFL Pavilions website

EPFL Pavilions, located in the middle of EPFL’s Lausanne campus, consists of three pavilions that bring together art, research and technology. The exhibitions held by EPFL Pavilions explore the many ways that digital technology and engineering are changing the way we experience art and our cultural heritage. Entry free of charge.

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© Céline Barrère

Héritage et patrimoine au prisme du conjonctif et du disjonctif


With: Florence Graezer Bideau (EPFL), Céline Barrère (ENSAP Lille), Elieth Eyebiyi (IEA Nantes) et Muriel Girard (ENSA Marseille)
Place and room: à l’Esquisse de l’IMVT, salle des professeurs, ensa•m, Marseille
Category: Conferences – Seminars

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