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The Digital Humanities Laboratory was founded by Professor Frédéric Kaplan in 2012. It develops new computational approaches for rediscovering the past and anticipating the future. 

The DHLAB trains a new generation of digital humanists, developing innovative educational programs as well as didactic technologies.



Most Recent Publications

Building a Mirror World for Venice

F. Kaplan; I. di Lenardo 

The Aura in the Age of Digital Materiality : Rethinking Preservation in the Shadow of an Uncertain Future; Milan: SilvanaEditoriale, 2020.

Introducing the CLEF 2020 HIPE Shared Task: Named Entity Recognition and Linking on Historical Newspapers

M. Ehrmann; M. Romanello; S. Bircher; S. Clematide 

2020-04-08. ECIR 2020 : 42nd European Conference on Information Retrieval, Lisbon, Portugal, April 14-17, 2020. p. 524-532. DOI : 10.1007/978-3-030-45442-5_68.

Experiments in digital publishing: creating a digital compendium

M. Romanello 

Structures of Epic Poetry; Berlin, Boston: De Gruyter, 2019-12-15.

Linked Books: un indice citazionale per la storia di Venezia

G. Colavizza; M. Romanello; D. Grandin; M. C. Mataloni; A. Giuliano 

DigItalia. 2019-06-01. Vol. 14, num. 1, p. 132-146.

The Past, Present and Future of Digital Scholarship with Newspaper Collections

M. Ridge; G. Colavizza; L. Brake; M. Ehrmann; J-P. Moreux et al. 

2019-07-09. DIgital Humanities Conference, Utrecht, July 2019.

Historical newspaper semantic segmentation using visual and textual features

R. Barman 


Beyond Keyword Search: Semantic Indexing and Exploration of Large Collections of Historical Newspapers

M. Ehrmann 

Digital Humanitites in the Nordic Countries, Copenhagen, Denmark, March 2019.

Transforming scholarship in the archives through handwritten text recognition Transkribus as a case study

G. Muehlberger; L. Seaward; M. Terras; S. Ares Oliveira; V. Bosch et al. 

Journal Of Documentation. 2019-09-09. Vol. 75, num. 5, p. 954-976. DOI : 10.1108/JD-07-2018-0114.