Preventing harassment, violence and discrimination

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The Respect @ EPFL campaign – Agence Etienne Etienne

EPFL’s strength is rooted in its extraordinary diversity. Our institution thrives because we show consideration for one another and do not remain indifferent in the event of harassment, violence or discrimination.

We take allegations of harassment very seriously. Everyone in the EPFL community must respect the personal dignity and integrity of their colleagues and contribute, through their behavior, to a motivating work atmosphere and a respectful team spirit.

Psychological harassment, sexual harassment, discrimination: definitions and legal basis

E-learning “You are not alone” and “Lunchtime for Respect” with psychologists

We offer different support spaces with specific contacts for EPFL students, PhD students and employees.

The procedure for resolving a case of psychological or sexual harassment can involve either an informal resolution or a formal complaint.


Carried out on behalf of the Task Force Harassment A-Z & Promotion of a Culture of Respect, this 45-minute training session is intended for the entire EPFL community.

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EPFL is acting on harassment

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EPFL has adopted a series of prevention, support and follow-up measures that were recommended by the School’s Harassment Task Force. In a recent survey of the EPFL community, 80% of respondents indicated that they were satisfied with the overall climate on campus but that improvements were needed in terms of safety, equality and efforts to fight discrimination.