Working at EPFL

Group of employees at EPFL near ArtLAB

One of Europe’s most famous science and technology institutions dedicated to improving the world around us, EPFL offers you the chance to perform high-value-added work in teaching, research, innovation and in the school’s administrative and technical services. Between our main campus in Lausanne and our satellite campuses our workforce includes more than 6000 staff members, representing more than one hundred different professions.


People working at EPFL

Job opportunities

EPFL employs close to 6,000 staff members who bring to life the School’s three main missions: education, research and innovation.

Employment Conditions

Employment conditions

We believe that talent must be rewarded. EPFL offers attractive working conditions to meet our employees’ high expectations.

Employee Journey

Your professional journey

The information and resources you will need from the moment you are hired until you leave EPFL.