Faculty Affairs


EPFL Faculty Affairs acts as a contact point and facilitator for any questions related to EPFL Faculty members. Its mission is to oversee and support the faculty hiring and promotion processes, to ensure compliance with academic guidelines and to provide advice in administrative and academic strategic matters.

The department core activities involve launching the recruitment process and advertising the positions in collaboration with the different schools, organizing and following up on the appointment process of the selected candidates, preparing the hiring offer and the corresponding official documents, as well as the subsequent evaluation procedure. In interaction with the Staff of ETH-Board, the department organizes the formal nomination, promotion and retirement files, among others.

Other activities include:

  • Research leaves analysis, dispensations for visiting professors and the coordination of the disclosure of outside activities.
  • Management of the EPFL recruitment and promotion platforms: technical support, implementation of new enhancements, advice and guidance to users.
  • Faculty data for planning and management purposes, including statistics, analysis and reporting.
  • Faculty onboarding support.

On this page, you can find practical information on different topics.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information (go to the “Contact” section below).

Latest News

Inaugural and honorary lectures

Inaugural Lecture – Prof. Charlotte Malterre-Barthes


With: Charlotte Malterre-Barthes
Place and room: CO2
Online: https://epfl.zoom.us/j/62571893931
Category: Inaugural lectures – Honorary Lecture

Inaugural Lecture - Profs. Mathias Payer

Inaugural Lecture – Prof. Mathias Payer


With: Prof. Mathias Payer
Place and room: CO2
Category: Inaugural lectures – Honorary Lecture

Living patterns: Linking microscopic properties with emergent macroscopic dynamics


With: Prof. Guillermina Ramirez-SanJuan, Living Patterns Laboratory, EPFL
Place and room: CE 1 2
Category: Inaugural lectures – Honorary Lecture

Advancing Electron Microscopy to study Parkinson’s Disease


With: Prof. Henning Stahlberg, Laboratory of Biological Electron Microscopy, EPFL
Place and room: CE 1 2
Category: Inaugural lectures – Honorary Lecture

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