Visiting Professors and Academic Visitors

The Direction has decided to clarify and update responsibilities and procedures relating to the invitation of professors and academic guests and has accepted revisions made to the instructions on the subject:

How to invite a professor or academic guest?

The Direction would like Schools to make a selection from amongst the various invitations proposed. As is currently the case, School Deans may delegate the coordination and sending of invitations (e.g. to Sections or Institutes). Please ensure that instructions are strictly adhered to (guest’s age, fees, etc.). Requests for special dispensations must be submitted to the Faculty Affairs.

In order that the guest’s work permit and fees may be prepared, a copy of the letter of invitation must be sent to Human Resources at least 3 months prior to the guest’s arrival. The Personal Data form and the IP Agreement must also be completed:

In addition, EU/EFTA citizens domiciled in an EU/EFTA country and receiving salary from EPFL must also provide the following documents:

For citizens subjected to the British social security legislation:
Agreement according to Article 18 (Switzerland-United Kindgom)

Who to inform concerning the invitation of professors and academic guests?

The EPFL wishes to encourage a coordinated invitation policy. For this reason, copies of invitations (without attachments) should be sent to the Faculty Affairs and the International Affairs – see below.

More important still (necessary condition), the entire campus should be offered an opportunity to benefit from the guest’s presence by the organisation of seminars and other events.

Work permit

Please contact Ressources humaines de l’EPFL, EPFL-RH, BI (Bâtiment BI), station 7, 1015 Lausanne

Request for special dispensation

Please contact Affaires professorales de l’EPFL, EPFL-Présidence-APR, BS256 (Bâtiment BS), station 4, 1015 Lausanne, [email protected].

For information

Affaires professorales, EPFL-Présidence-APR, BS256 (Bâtiment BS), station 4, 1015 Lausanne, [email protected].

Affaires internationales, EPFL-Présidence-INT-AFF, CM 1620 (Centre midi), station 10, 1015 Lausanne, [email protected].