Located at the Rolex Learning Center, the EPFL Library offers advanced tailored services to EPFL members (students, researchers, teachers). As a public library, collections are available for everyone interested.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) information
Updated on 27.03.2020 at 10AM

Closure of EPFL Library and the Rolex Learning Center
Since 14 March, as a result of the decisions taken in response to the evolution of the coronavirus pandemic, EPFL Library and the Rolex Learning Center are closed to the public until further notice.

Access to the collections
• For EPFL members, access to electronic collections (ebooks, online journals, databases, online press) is available remotely with the EPFL VPN client. Use the BEAST catalogue to search for documents.
• For EPFL researchers and PhD students, the article supply service (digital version only) is maintained: use the usual request form or contact us.
• Access to EPFL scientific publications is available via the institutional archive Infoscience.
• The online EPFL theses supply is maintained via the usual request form.
• Publishers (, Elsevier, Jove, nature, OVID,, Springer Nature, Taylor & Francis, The Lancet, Wiley, etc.) made some scholarly content free during this “off campuses” period.
• Document loans and returns on site are suspended.
• The duration of all loans is automatically extended for the duration of the closure.
• Fines are suspended.
• Document reservations and orders from other libraries are no longer possible.
• Withdrawal of reserved documents is postponed until the date of reopening.
• Requests for home or campus delivery are no longer considered.
• The supply of on-demand scans is suspended.
Other services
Training sessions are organized remotely when possible. Use the Book a Librarian platform to make a one-to-one remote appointment with a librarian.
• All other services are maintained remotely, please contact us by email for:
– Publishing support and Gold Open Access fund: [email protected]
– Support for Research Data Management : [email protected] and Book a Data Librarian (by appointment only)
– Infoscience support: [email protected]
• Videoconferences are possible using the Zoom tool.

Contact us
Any question? Need some information? Contact the Library team (mon-fri | 9AM-12PM | 2PM-5PM).
[email protected] | 021 693 21 56

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How to book, borrow, extend or return a document to EPFL or an other library.


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