Located at the Rolex Learning Center, the EPFL Library offers advanced tailored services to EPFL members (students, researchers, teachers). As a public library, collections are available for everyone interested.

Events and training


Beyond Google: Find scientific information with advanced tools


With:  EPFL Library Teaching Team
Place and room: Online via Zoom
Category: Internal trainings


Stay away from plagiarism!


With: EPFL Library Teaching Support Center (CAPE)
Place and room: Online via zoom
Category: Internal trainings

Complete agenda of events

Tailored services

L'équipe de la Bibliothèque donne une formations aux étudiants de l'EPFL.

I’m a student

Discover the services dedicated to EPFL Bachelor and Master students, UNIL students in Criminal Sciences and high school students.

Une chercheuse aidée par une bibliothécaire de liaison

I’m a researcher

Discover the services dedicated to EPFL PhD students and researchers.

I’m a teacher

Discover the services dedicated to EPFL teachers.

Services for everyone

Book a Librarian

Need help with your documentary research? A question about citation? Do you need personal advice? Make an appointment with a librarian!

Loans, reservations and document delivery (ILL)

How to book, borrow, extend or return a document to EPFL or an other library.


The Library provides you with printed and electronic collections, accessible on site and remotely.


Library offer in your field of study or research


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