Research Data archiving service

The EPFL research community benefit from ACOUA (Academic Output Archive), the EPFL archive for long-term preservation of research data and code.

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Why archiving research data

Why use ACOUA

There are many instances where you or your research group should use ACOUA to preserve your relevant research data:

  • archive the entirety of a dataset underlying your publication
  • archive datasets of a finished research project
  • archive datasets of a collaborator leaving EPFL
  • get space for large datasets that need preservation
  • preserve reference raw data useful during your research
  • get expert support for data curation

What you get

In addition to the proper digital infrastructure, we also offer professional  and tailored support:

  • trustworthy, safe and EPFL-backed environment 
  • free for EPFL researchers
  • up to 10TB per archived dataset
  • help in data curation prior to archival
  • periodic integrity audits and curation actions of your datasets  
  • periodic reports on the state of your preserved datasets
  • referral of your datasets on Infoscience
  • possibility to publish your datasets for you on Zenodo (with volume limits)

ACOUA is managed by EPFL Library in partnership with the Information Systems (VPO-SI).

Access to ACOUA

Restricted to EPFL staff with authorization provided by [email protected]