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EPFL is a prestigious institute of technology, located in full view of the Alps, on the north side of Lake Geneva. From its foundation in 1853, EPFL has evolved into an internationally renowned institution that attracts some of the best intellects in the world. With state-of-the-art facilities, bright and motivated students, and outstanding faculty, EPFL’s reputation as a top-rate teaching and research institution continues to grow.

A vision for a flexible and open education

EPFL, The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology of Lausanne, gives access to most fields of Basic Sciences, Engineering and Architecture. At Master’s level, 25 programs are offered. The are designed to be flexible and give students the opportunity to customize their curricula according to their aspirations.

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Study programs stuctures

The MSc capitalizes on achievements made during undergraduate studies by increasing student specializations

Master's programs

EPFL offers 25 Master of Science programs, including six specialized ones.

Admission requirements and registration

All the information required for an admission to a Master's program at EPFL

Specialized Master’s Day


EPFL organizes every year a Specialized Master’s Day to present these programs more specifically to interested students. In 2019 this day will be organized on Tuesday March 12th, in the SG Hall.

Shape the future

Dans toutes les statistiques de comparaisons internationales, la Suisse compte parmi les leaders globaux en terme de ressources investies dans les domaines de la recherche et de la formation. L'EPFL représente la quintessence des efforts helvétiques en matière d'innovation, ce qui est reflété au quotidien par les résultats et les distinctions obtenus par ses chercheurs, par la vitalité des entrepreneurs formés et dans les réseaux internationaux qui sont établis avec d'autres centres d'excellence.

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