Sustainable Management and Technology

Joint program UNIL/HEC-IMD-EPFL

The Master of Science in Sustainable Management and Technology aims at equipping the entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs of the future with the knowledge and skills enabling them to contribute to the transition toward a more resilient, environmentally responsible and inclusive economy while harnessing the power of technology.

In a world confronted with unprecedented challenges, notably climate change and the digital and biological revolutions, institutions of higher education have a responsibility in preparing the leaders of tomorrow who will guide society and organizations, help overcome these challenges, and face the consequent societal changes.

The success of this mission requires combining multiple perspectives. It is in this spirit that three institutions of academic excellence, UNIL-HEC, IMD and EPFL have joined forces to help society overcome those challenges and spearhead the transition toward a more resilient, environmentally responsible and inclusive economy.

Program’s objectives

Students will build competences along three dimensions simultaneously and in a balanced manner: technology & innovation, economics & management, and tools & skills for developing sustainable solutions.

While the program builds on theory and real-life applications, it is committed to enhance students’ personal and social skills by encouraging interdisciplinary team work on practical projects and by systematically mixing students of different profiles. The formal course work and team projects will be completed and enriched by lectures and workshops with experts from industry.

Simplified study plan

Please note that the information regarding programs’ structure as well as the simplified study plans may be subject to change and that they are not legally binding. Only the official regulations and study plans are binding.

Admission criteria

A Bachelor’s degree obtained either in an engineering field (e.g. from EPFL or an equivalent technical university) including some credits in management/economics, or in management/economics (e.g. from UNIL-HEC or an equivalent business or economics faculty) including some credits in data science, statistics, econometrics or quantitative methods, with a minimum average grade of 4.5/6 or equivalent over the entire Bachelor’s program and average grades of 5.0/6 or equivalent in quantitative areas such as: Probability and statistics; Data analysis; Programming (Python and STATA); Econometrics; Operations Research; Operations management; Decision sciences; Macro- and micro-economics.

Holders of a degree from a Swiss University of Applied Sciences, i.e. HES/FHS, are not eligible. For more information concerning those requirements, please contact [email protected].

Further information about admission criteria

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Diploma and title obtained

Upon completion of their Master’s curricula, students obtain a Master of Science MSc in Sustainable Management and Technology delivered jointly by UNIL-HEC, IMD and EPFL. Please note that this degree is not equivalent to an Engineer degree.

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