Research Domains

Explore below the fields of research in which EPFL is active, through its centers, platforms, hubs and institutes.

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EPFL Research Centers

Centers create networks, collaborations and synergies between researchers and students around state-of-the-art scientific subjects. They build bridges between researchers at EPFL and other academic institutions, foster innovation and contribute to advance and share knowledge on specific themes within and beyond the academic world.

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EPFL Facilities I Technology Platforms

EPFL facilities provide access to cutting-edge technical infrastructure and know-how expertise to EPFL scientists and students to perform their research, making optimal use of resources. They are also a place where knowledge and knowhow is shared and where EPFL contributes to advance the state of the art in the techniques covered by the platform.

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EPFL Institutes

EPFL institutes gather scientists around defined research themes, sometimes specific to a single faculty, sometimes more transversal for the interfaculty or inter-institutional institutes. Here they are listed in alphabetical order.

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Brain Mind Institute (BMI)

Civil Engineering Institute (IIC)

Digital Humanities Institute

Environmental Engineering Institute (IIE)

Global Health Institute (GHI)

Institute for Area and Global Studies (IAGS)

Institute of Architecture (IA)

Institute of Bioengineering (IBI)

Institute of Chemical Sciences and Engineering (ISIC)

Institute of Electrical and Micro Engineering (IEM)

Institute of Materials (IMX)

Institute of Mathematics (MATH)

Institute of Mechanical Engineering (IGM)

Interschool Institute Neuro-X (INX)

Institute of Physics (IPHYS)

Management of Technology & Entrepreneurship Institute

Swiss Finance Institute (SFI)

Swiss Institute for Experimental Cancer Research (ISREC