Shaping knowledge

EPFL Energy Center contributes to the development of a coherent education program in energy at EPFL, including the traditional bachelor, master and PhD education programs. It also designs and organizes tailored education programs such as summer schools, MOOCs and executive lectures in energy.
Cen Education

Masters in Energy

EPFL offers three Master programmes in Energy. In addition, optional energy-related lectures are offered by various sections of the school.

Doctoral courses

Find courses from doctoral programs related to energy :

Executive courses

CEN designs and organizes tailored executive training programs in energy. In addition, EPFL also offers advanced programs of relevance to the energy sector.

Management of network industries

The Chair MIR (Management of network industries), in collaboration with Energy center members, offers an Executive Training on Governing Energy Transitions. The course targerts utility companies managers, public administrators and producers and suppliers of utility companies. It starts in January 2016.

Innovative Governance of Large Urban Systems

The Chair MIR offers a comprehensive approach to improving the governance of large urban systems in innovative ways. The course targerts city managers, managers of urban infrastructure systems, public managers in charge of contracts with private operators, urban planners, managers of contracting firms, and other interested persons (e.g., consultants).

Energy geostructures: analysis and design

The application of environmentally friendly technologies that exploit renewable energy sources is key to follow international agreements for the development of low-carbon buildings and infrastructures. Energy geostructures are an innovative, multifunctional technology that can be used to address the aforementioned challenge. By coupling the role of the ground structures with that of the geothermal heat exchangers, energy geostructures can serve as structural supports as well as heating and cooling elements for buildings and infrastructures.

Massive Open Online Courses — MOOCs

Find EPFL’s digital lectures addressing the topic of energy:

The first five videos address the topics of the final energies and their units, the final energies demand, the electricity offer, the electricity imports, and fuel imports.