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“Some networks are more crisis-resilient than others”

— Matthias Finger, an EPFL professor of network industry management, does not foresee water and power supply problems in Switzerland, even with the country in lockdown. But internet access could prove more challenging.

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Hackathon aims to develop responses to the coronavirus

— On 4–6 April , the EPFL student association LauzHack will hold a fully online hackathon to help tackle the coronavirus. The event – put together in just a few days – is open to EPFL students as well as the general public.

Valentin Bourdon is in his final year of doctoral studies at EPFL. © EPFL/V.Bourdon

The implications of the coronavirus for architecture

— The global lockdown caused by the coronavirus has brought the shortcomings and social inequality inherent in modern housing into stark relief. This presents architects with an opportunity to learn some important lessons for their future work. Valentin Bourdon, who is currently completing his thesis at EPFL on the collective aspects of housing, offers his thoughts on this issue.

There is now more family resemblance between both EPF's. © EPFL / Marc Borboen

[ !! FAKE !! ] ETH Zurich's turn to unveil a new logo

— [APRIL FOOLS JOKE!] ETH Zurich has just completed its own rebranding project, drawing inspiration from the new logo that EPFL introduced a year ago. The similar look reflects a desire by the sister schools to build closer ties.

Margaux Larcher, Rita Drissi Daoudi et Sébastien Le Fouest, prize-winners of My thesis in 180 seconds EPFL© 2020 Alain Herzog

Explaining the synchronized chaos of atoms in three minutes

— The fifth annual My Thesis in 180 Seconds competition was held behind closed doors last night because of the coronavirus. Out of a high-caliber field, two PhD students from the same laboratory took first and second place and will now go on to the national final.

Rendering by Péter Szirmai and Endre Horváth for PNAS.

Introducing the light-operated hard drives of tomorrow

— What do you get when you place a thin film of perovkite material used in solar cells on top of a magnetic substrate? More efficient hard drive technology. EPFL physicist László Forró and his team pave the way for the future of data storage.

Off-gas recirculation fan  developed at EPFL’s Laboratory for Applied Mechanical Design (LAMD) © 2020 EPFL

More efficient, longer-lasting solid oxide fuel cells

— Researchers at EPFL have developed a novel way to increase fuel-cell efficiency and lifespan, using a recirculation fan driven by a steam turbine that runs on steam-lubricated bearings.

The rotor with air-lubricated bearings and shaker system © EPFL 2020

Scientists finally confirm a 50-year-old theory in mechanics

— An experiment by EPFL researchers has confirmed a theory that has been used in mechanics for over half a century – despite never having been fully validated. The team could now use the theory in bolder and more innovative ways in their quest to develop ever better energy systems.

© Alain Herzog

Three EPFL spin-offs among Europe's top 50 “super scale-ups”

— Four Swiss companies, including three EPFL spin-offs – Flyability, Kandou and Nexthink – will be featured among Europe’s top 50 high-tech scale-ups at this year’s Tech Tour Growth Summit. The Summit is an annual event where a panel of international investors selects the most promising young European businesses with the potential to become tomorrow’s unicorns.

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Climate change will disrupt existing energy systems

— As climate changes and extreme weather events become more commonplace, we will need to fundamentally rethink how we produce renewable energy. Researchers at EPFL have developed a simulation method to reduce the adverse influences due to climate-related uncertainties in the energy sector and guarantee robust operation of energy infrastructure during extreme climate events.

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