For more than 20 years, EPFL has been a key player in innovation in Switzerland. It promotes innovation activities with industry, sets up new programs to encourage entrepreneurship and new thematic initiatives to strengthen collaboration with businesses.

Innovation matters

Innovation improves the quality of life of people and provides solutions that help deal with grand societal challenges such as climate change or the ageing of population. Technologies developed at EPFL have had, are a likely to have, a major impact on our society.

In addition, innovation is also pivotal to the health of the Swiss economy. It is arguably “the” way firms compete. If firms want to cut costs over the long term, or, increase profit margins via the production of better products or by developing new markets, then they must innovate. This is particularly true in Switzerland, which has a large pool of highly qualified workers and whose firms rely largely on the production and export of high-technology goods.

Today’s scientific research plants the seed for tomorrow’s innovations.

However, science does not translate into innovation magically. That’s the reason why an Innovation Team is completely dedicated to act as interface between academia and industry. Its fundamental mission is to ensure that EPFL’s research has a real impact by finding its way into society. It connects EPFL’s labs to industrial partners in a variety of ways, which you can discover in the further pages.

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industrial funding in 2018

217 MCHF

raised by EPFL start-ups and 25 start-ups created in 2018


companies based at EPFL Innovation Park

One year of successful challenges between Rollomatic and EPFL

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It’s been a year since the Swiss private company Rollomatic, specializing in high-precision machines, opened its first innovation unit at the EPFL, a Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. This first year has been full of innovations and promising projects related to a whole host of topics around Industry 4.0, data science, software, robotics and optics.

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Collaborate with Industry

Explore how private companies can collaborate with EPFL

Entrepreneurship and Start-up

Learn more how we help in creating and growing your venture with a large number of tools and aids.

Learn and Develop

Students, entrepreneurs, companies or any individual, check the programs in the fields of management of technology and entrepreneurship.

Leveraging technologies to address grand societal challenges


Tech4Impact is EPFL’s social impact and sustainability initiative and its key instrument for enhancing the University’s social and environmental impact in the areas of education, research, and innovation. Tech4Impact provides a multi-stakeholder platform involving students and researchers as well as large enterprises, NGOs, start-ups, and society at large.

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EPFL: fostering innovation for 25 years

Trace the history of EPFL Innovation Park

EPFL Innovation Park is celebrating its 25th anniversary, and its track record speaks for itself. Building A was officially opened in 1993 and has since been joined by 12 others. That building is today being renamed to honor the memory of Claudine and Bernard Vittoz, who founded EPFL Science Park and were generous benefactors.


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