De-risk your project

For your medtech or life science project to succeed, de-risking is a fundamental step.

Getting purposeful and tangible feedback on project feasibility is key for moving in the right direction, fast. De-risking will help you analyse and assess potential challenges and opportunities and help you make the right decisions at the right time.

You are incubating a startup project in an EPFL lab. You have a clear roadmap to take you from bench to market. You have identified the main threats to the project and have a mitigation plan in place.

De-risking takes many forms. We are currently funding projects such as preliminary clinical validation, material biocompatibility or toxicity studies, and regulatory assessments. We can contribute up to CHF 30K towards these projects.

You tell us! When you have identified your pain point and de-risking is essential to move your project forward.

How can I find out more
Get in touch with your Startup Unit contact – together we’ll discuss how we can support you with de-risking your project. If you don’t have a contact at the Startup Unit, we’d encourage you to fill out our contact form on our front page


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