We finance interns from different backgrounds to join startup projects incubated at EPFL labs. Benefit from extra resources, and more importantly, an outsider’s perspective and expertise on your budding idea.

We believe in the power of team dynamics. Innovative teams should be made from diverse skills and backgrounds. It is time to get ready to move from founder to CEO.

Graduate students, PhDs or Postdocs with a startup project being incubated at an EPFL lab, and looking to accelerate their development and build a team.

You can hire a master student or young graduate from any discipline – economics, design, marketing, and engineering.

Each internship lasts between three and six months, and remunerated per EPFL HR guidelines.

Note that master or semester projects in the lab cannot be compensated by the programme.

You tell us! When you project is in need of external resources for specific areas in need of development. 

How can I find out more
 Get in touch with the Startup Launchpad – together we’ll discuss how we can support you in building your team. 


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