Ignition Grants list

8 Ignition Grants have been approved in 2023, here is the list.

Note that these projects are very young and do not yet have a website. If you want to know more, please contact us at [email protected]

Project Laboratory Fields Project leader(s)
Alblooms IC/IVRL ICT Patrick Schönmann
Dexterous Catheters STI/LIS MedTech Yegor Piskarev
ECHO SB/GR-KRO GreenTech Kevin Turani-I-Belloto
InSituStreTech ENAC/LMS CleanTech Alex Horvath
PatentGem CMD/STIP ICT Prakhar Gupta
Protonica SB/LUMES C4Life Veronica Leccese, Benoît Truc
Scidentify SB/LMER Medtech Cedric David Koole
Wasteflow IC/CVLab CleanTech Valentin Ibars

11 Ignition Grants have been approved in 2022, here is the list.

Note that these projects are very young and do not yet have a website. If you want to know more, please contact us at [email protected]

Project Activity Unit Project leader
Beyond Scroll A new gas compression machine based on co-rotating scroll technology that not only operates at high speed and pressures, but also does so without oil. STI / LAMD Marianna Fighera, Luis Carlos Mendoza Toledo
Carbon Team Novel low-cost and scalable solution for Direct-Air-Capture – pulling CO2 directly from the atmosphere and locking it away in geological formations underground.  SB / LAS Khalil Karl
Cell Therapy High throughput intracellular delivery for gene and cell therapy applications.  STI / LBMM Miguel Solsona
Corto Bioelectronics Corto Bioelectronics have developed a multimaterial fiber processing technique that brings new functionalities to neural probes, such as drug delivery, optical stimulation and recording, and novel materials combinations for better biocompatibility.  STI / FIMAP William Esposito
Edelsys Make the emerging autonomous technologies more precise, efficient, robust and sustainable – via high-robust optimisation and decision-making solutions. STI / LA3 Petr Listov
Intuitive Physics An online platform where educators can easily design interactive simulations for university physics courses (based on gaming technology)  SB / LASTRO Austin Peel
Maven Health AI driven metabolic health predictions for preventive health, based on salivary metabolite profiles.  SB / LIFMET Christopher Wall
naialabs Centralised immunoassay service for immune diagnostics from fingerpicks. Start with public health surveillance before moving to larger markets.  SV / PTBET Grégoire Michielin, Evan Olson, Hon Ming Yip
SeaStem Leveraging on solar energy to reduce the ecological and financial footprint of seaweed processing, ultimately making this green feedstock more available. ENAC / LESO-PB Mathias Bauman, Yann Sprunger
Thot Thot helps reasearchers the organize, analyze, and share their data.
The software automates these processes allowing researchers to spend more time doing research and less time dealing with logistics.
It is like GitHub for researchers.
 SB / LPI Brian Carlsen
Typeless For teams on the go, staying in contact with their colleagues can be difficult. It’s often easier to quickly send voice messages then to write messages. Typeless have developed an AI-based voice messaging platform to help employees on the road stay connected – increasing engagement and productivity. The platform not only allows for voice messages but also transcribes them and pulls out key words to ease comprehension.
 STI / REACT Maxime Vidal

12 Ignition Grants have been approved. in 2021.

Project Laboratory Unit Project leader
Arkaiya Ludwig Group ENAC / GR-LUD Duncan-Bruce Sutherland
Blue Energy Leap Laboratory of Nanoscale Biology STI-SV / LBEN Andrey Chernev
Buckleai Distributed Information Systems Laboratory IC / LISIR Jérémie Rappaz
CassioP Galatea Laboratory STI / Galatea Antoine Delgoffe
Condensation Security and Cryptography Laboratory IC / LASEC Matteo Nessi, David Feierabend, Thomas Lochmatter
Consulto Prof. Salathé Group (SV/IC) IC / UPSALATHE1 Baher Higazy, Basem Higazy
DemoSquare (Predikon) lnformation and Network Dynamics Laboratory 1 IC / INDY Victor Kristof
Emissium Industrial Process and Energy Systems Engineering STI / IPESE Alessio Santecchia, Luise Middelhauve
MinWave Laboratory of Wave Engineering STI / LWE Maliheh Khatibi
Cao Lab – Laboratory of Bio and Bio-inspired Nanosystems SV / CaoLab Chan Cao, Zhidian Zhang, and Nathan Sierro
Swiss Solar Space
Advanced Semiconductors for Photonics and Electronics SB / LASPE Nasser Hefiana, Camille Haller
Nanoelectronic Devices Laboratory STI / NANOLAB Andrei Muller

8 Ignition Grants have been approved. 

Project Laboratory Unit Project leader
Parithera Microsystems laboratory 4 STI/LMIS4 Antoine Herzog
Weida Chen
IR Camera Laboratory for fundamuntal BioPhotonics STI / LBP Marie Didier
ArcoScreen Microsystems laboratory 4 STI/LMIS4 Margaux Duchamp
Aeternum Structural Xploration Lab ENAC / SXL Alex-Manuel Muresan
Adaptyv Biosystems Laboratory of Biological Network Characterization STI / LBNC Julian Englert, Daniel Nakhaee-Zadeh Gutierrez, Moustafa Houmani
Bamboo Clip Composite Construction Laboratory ENAC / CCLAB Romain van Wassenhove
EirDrop Laboratory of Biological Network Characterization STI / LBNC Rafael Rolli, Federico Jara
Smart Helmets Laboratory of Movement Analysis and Measurement STI / LMAM Mathieu Falbriard