Predictive Control Lab

The mission of the Automatic Control Lab at the EPFL is to push the boundaries of optimization and predictive control methods, with a focus on tackling control problems at extreme scales, including very fast and/or very large-scale systems. We focus on developing data-driven control techniques that are both formally correct and computationally efficient, as well as practically useful. Our research spans a wide range of applications, including robotics, autonomous driving, rocketry, dynamic flight, and the management of energy consumption in buildings. We strive to use our expertise to reduce energy consumption and make buildings positive control elements for the smart grid, while also educating and inspiring the next generation of control and systems engineers through our teaching and outreach activities.

The Predictive Control Lab is part of the Laboratoire d’Automatique.

Why was the predictive control engineer always calm?
Because he was always one step ahead!


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ME C2 389 (Bâtiment ME)

Station 9

CH-1015 Lausanne

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