Study management

Get detailed information about the services and assistance we offer students, along with the rules and guidelines you’ll have to follow while at EPFL. You’ll also learn about our new student orientation program.

Academic support

Rules and procedures

Official information regarding rules and regulations for students and PhDs

Absences and special arrangements

Personalised study options in special situations

Diplomas and official documents

General information regarding official documents issued by EPFL

Information, support and counselling

Student services desk

For EPFL students or doctoral students, whether recently arrives or recently graduated, whether you have a doubt, a question or a problem. The “Student Services” desk is the focal point to process all your requests.

Keys to success

Keys to maximize your chances of success!

Trust Point

The entry point to professionals who provide individual support in case of difficulty in the following areas: studies management, work environment, relationship/integration, financial, accessibility/arrangements, parenthood/care, mental health, physical health, LGBTIQ+ support, equal opportunity/diversity/inclusion, harassment/discrimination, spirituality

Get your school year off to a good start !

Find out everything you need to know to start your studies !

Practical life

Immigration formalities

Official procedures for entering and residing in Switzerland


Compulsory health insurance and recommended coverage in Switzerland

Financing your studies

Cost of living and funding options

IT and tools

Tools/IT services/platforms provided by EPFL for study management

Newly admitted at EPFL ?

Prepare yourself for EPFL

Important dates, events and information for your arrival at EPFL


Student Services Desk

BP 1229 (BP Building)
Station 16
CH – 1015 Lausanne

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