Depending on your country of origin, you may need to apply for a visa to study in Switzerland: Overview of ID and visa provisions according to nationality.

Fulfilling all the conditions does not necessarily mean that a visa will automatically be issued. In any case, the criteria of the competent Federal and Cantonal authorities must be adhered to.

EPFL has different campus and is not only in canton (district) of Vaud

Switzerland has different administrations, one for each canton. Immigration formalities must be done in the canton where you will stay.

  • Visa: apply for an entry into Switzerland in the canton where you will stay (the information is specified in the admission letter or in the confirmation letter).
  • Residence permit: the rule is the same, apply for it in the canton where you will stay.

Useful information and advice

Population offices addresses and Federal Office for Migration

Here are the links of the different Population offices:

Federal Office for Migration