Special cases

Optional internships

The School can make a commitment by signing a contract or an attestation only for a compulsory internship within the framework of a student’s academic program. Therefore, the School will not enter into any agreement concerning optional internships (or summer jobs).

Retroactive recognition of internship

In certain cases, it is possible to have an internship which was completed before enrolling in the Master’s program recognized as the obligatory internship, on condition that it was not validated within the framework of a previous academic program (e.g. for a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree from another school or university).

This retroactive recognition can be granted only by the department, which will examine all aspects of the internship, including the type of work and the duration, to ensure they are compatible with its program requirements. All requests for dispensation are treated on a case-by-case basis and approval remains the exception, rather than the rule.

Exchange students

Visiting students from other schools, having no internship requirements within the framework of their program at EPFL, do not have access to the list of internships nor do they qualify for obtention of a contract from the School.