Residence permit

Good to know at your arrival…

You are required to register at the Residents’ registration office (Contrôle des habitants) in the commune where you live within 14 days after your arrival in Switzerland.

If you are living in a temporary accommodation, you must nonetheless report to the commune where this temporary accommodation is located in order to start the process for obtaining your residence permit. Remember to inform the post office of your new permanent address as you could receive your residence permit by post.

This also applies to Swiss citizen coming from another canton.

It may take some weeks/months to get your residence permit.

Useful information regarding the residence permit

For students staying on EPFL campus Lausanne/Vaud

Non-european students: After your registration at the Residents’ registration office, you will receive a letter from the Population office inviting you to go to the Biometric Center in Lausanne to proceed with the registration of the biometric data and thus finalise your residence permit. The Population office provides all the information (procedure, costs, etc… ) on this document (in French and English). Should you have any problems to get your residence permit, do not hesitate to contact them.

Resident’s registration office addresses and documents to bring

Please contact the Population office (SPOP) should you have any questions regarding your personal situation.

For students staying in extended campus

Switzerland has different administrations, one for each canton. Residence permit must be asked in the canton where you will stay.

Here are the links of the different Population offices: