New Bachelor students

3 key dates for your academic start 2020

Students with a foreign diploma: matriculation on 3rd – 4th – 7th  or 8th September 2020 between 9:00 and 13:00 (your presence is mandatory on one of these days). Registration for a time slot mandatory.

Further details regarding this event will be communicated later on.

Students with a Swiss diploma: matriculation by post

Friday 11th September 2020

The mandatory Welcome Day allows you to explore the campus and learn more about EPFL.

Further details regarding this event will be communicated later on.

Classes start on Tuesday 14th September 2020

(Monday 21st September is a bank holiday)

Check your timetable online.

Further details regarding this event will be communicated later on.

Your first academic obligations on the IS-Academia portal

At the start of each semester, you are required to validate your personal and academic details in the Academic Registration Form, using the “FRAC” tab.

Once you have validated your personal details, and after we have received your payment for semester fees, your enrolment certificate (PDF) will be available in the “personal details” tab.

From August, you will be able to register for courses in the “course registration” tab, provided that you have already validated the FRAC form. Registration deadline for the Autumn semester: 25th September 2020.

Prepare for your arrival

From August

Put your maths skills and study methods to the test.

From 17th August until 4th September 2020

(registration from 1st June to 10th July 2020)

3 weeks of online intensive French classes before the start of the academic year

Open only to holders of a Swiss-German or Swiss-Italian high school certificate

Autumn 2020

Tools to improve your learning methods

Administrative information

After your admission has been confirmed, you will receive your GASPAR account (EPFL username and password) during the summer. It enables you to access secured EPFL services, such as your personal mailbox, the Moodle platform, etc. Find out more at “Resources for students“.

You will receive your student card, called CAMIPRO card, either by post (Swiss diploma) or on matriculation days (foreign diploma). This card must be updated every semester in a CAMIPRO terminal. It allows you to enjoy various services and advantages.

Rulebooks and study plans by section can be found on our website. You may also find legal documents related to study regulations at EPFL on the Polylex portal.

Start-of-the-year Events

AGEPoly, EPFL’s students association

Opportunities to meet new students

11th September 2020 from 17:00

The party all students are looking forward to!

Come and meet your fellow students and the coaches of your section.

Further details regarding this event will be communicated later on.



Student Services Desk

From Monday to Friday : 9h00-18h00

[email protected]

41 21 693 43 45
BP 1229 (bâtiment BP)
Station 16
CH – 1015 Lausanne