Diploma legalization

The legalization of your EPFL diploma (or even your transcripts and/or diploma supplement) by the authorities may be necessary e.g. for professional recognition procedures abroad. In most cases, however, a copy certified by EPFL is sufficient.

To obtain the legalization of your diploma, when required, you must first submit your original EPFL diploma to the Student Services Desk, so that EPFL can place a stamp and the signature of an authorised person on your diploma. You may also order a printed certified copy of your diploma for its legalization. For the transcripts and diploma supplement, only a printed certified copy can be legalized by the authorities. These documents can be sent to you by post or handed in person at the Student Services Desk at EPFL.

Then, you must request the legalization of the diploma and/or of the certified copies from the Federal Chancellery (in Bern, order by post only), who will authentify the stamp and signature from EPFL and place an apostille on your diploma (The Hague Convention) and/or legalize the diploma (countries who have not signed the The Hague Convention). Please refer to the Federal Chancellery website for the procedure to be followed, and take note that EPFL cannot send your documents to be legalized directly to the Federal Chancellery, because of the latter’s requirements.

Additionally, SEFRI publishes information about the recognition of Swiss titles in foreign countries and can also provide certificates to facilitate this recognition in the context of formal procedures.