Certified copies

During the extraordinary situation caused by the new coronavirus, the Registrar’s Office is only able to issue the documents below in electronic form, and the documents may only be ordered through the online form Commande de documents Bachelor / Master (in French only). They will be sent by email, with digitized stamp and signature, and a mention that the recipient can obtain a confirmation of the authenticity of the document by contacting the Student Services Desk at EPFL.

The certification of one or several document(s) costs Fr. 5.- per copy, for all the documents received during your studies at EPFL: CMS transcripts, first-year transcripts, Bachelor’s transcripts, Bachelor’s diploma, Master’s transcripts, Master’s diploma, etc.. An additional Fr. 10.- tax will be charged if you do not provide us with the original documents (in which case the certification can only be done if a duplicate of the document in question is available in our archive).

Please note that to apply for a Master’s program at ETH Zürich, no certified copy is required from EPFL applicants.

To order the certification of documents without visiting EPFL, please use the online form Commande de documents Bachelor / Master (in French only). Once you have paid online, you will receive a confirmation email. You may then send us the documents to be certified by email, [email protected]. Please mention the Payonline order nr. you will have received in the confirmation email (e.g., “Payonline nr. ef22661fed16b9f0e0b1028d40619f01”). You will then receive the certified documents by postal mail and/or email (scanned documents), according to your request.

You may also ask for the certification of documents on the campus at EPFL. Please visit the Student Services Desk to that end. Payment will be required via credit or debit card or by means of your Camipro card. Please note that we can only process your request immediately if you come to the desk between 10 and 12 AM. Outside of this timeframe, you will need to come back the next day to collect the certified documents.