Academic registration

A correct status in the academic registration form (FRAC) is required to ensure a smooth administrative registration. Please read through this page carefully to find details relevant to your master’s program.

  • Financial engineering
    There is no internship in this programme but a master project in industry. The FRAC status must be ‘Present’.
  • Architecture
    The Architecture internship is a perequisite for the admission to the master’s cycle.

The following programs do not include any mandatory internship.

  • Molecular and biological chemistry
  • Mathematics
  • Mathematics for education
  • Physics

The FRAC status must be ‘Present’ for the ‘travail d’approfondissement’ (master in physics) and for the ‘travail de spécialisation’ (master in molecular and biological chemistry), even if the work is done in an external organisation (company, research center).