Social consultation


Social counselors welcome, advise and support you based on a caring and non-judgmental listening.

  • They help you clarify your needs and objectives.
  • Based on your personal resources and a collaborative approach to finding solutions, they work with you to develop practical, concrete ways of dealing with the difficulties you encounter in daily life, and then support you in implementing them.
  • If necessary, they can direct you to resources within or outside the EPFL network

If needed, students and PhD students can be referred to the Psychotherapeutic consultation and/or other members of the Trust and Support Network

Problem addressed

  • Financial problems
  • Stress and time management
  • Distress, anxiety, isolation
  • Family and relationship issues
  • Demotivation and orientation
  • Learning difficulties
  • Study arrangements

Appointments/information requests

Monday to Friday : [email protected]

The counselling is : free, confidential, in French or English. Interviews are done by videoconference or in our officies

Besoins spécifiques | Adaptations de l'environnement d'études | Aménagement des examens

Link with internal partners

The social consultation is a member of the Trust and Support Network of EPFL

Vital emergency (24h/7)

On EPFL campus

  • From an EPFL landline: 115
  • From a personal mobile phone: 021 693 3000
  • EPFL campus app : SOS

Out of EPFL campus

  • Phone:  144
Psychological distress emergency (24h/7)
  • Call center for on-call physicians : phone 0848 133 133

Assessment of the situation and assistance/redirection based on the person’s needs and location

Free confidential listening and support (24h/7)


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