Tuition fee and other fees

Every semester, Bachelor’s and Master’s students receive an electronic invoice, which they must settle in order to remain matriculated with EPFL. You will find more information about electronic invoicing on the page Semester invoicing.

The total amount due per semester invoice is CHF 780:

Students who do not wish to be AGEPoly members may ask the association for the corresponding CHF 25 to be refunded to them. The other fees are compulsory and may not be waived or refunded.

Students not undertaking any credited study work for a whole semester (leave of absence or internship credited with the Master’s project) are exempted from the tuition fee and must therefore only pay CHF 50 for that semester. This does not apply to students who obtain credits outside of EPFL (academic mobility or internship worth 30 ECTS credits), who must pay the tuition fee.

Students who are at EPFL in academic mobility as part of an exchange or joint diploma are exempted from EPFL fees. Those in a double diploma are exempted from the tuition fee only.

Students doing a project at EPFL within a no-agreement academic mobility are exempted from the tuition fee. They are allowed to follow up to two courses alongside the project, under the same conditions (fee and restrictions) as auditors.