Projects supported by the FEE

The FEE’s primary goal is to provide financial assistance to students in need. This assistance can take the form of grants, help with daycare, funds for purchasing textbooks and other essential materials or funds for taking part in student trips, for example. The FEE also supports larger projects intended to benefit the entire student body.

Recent projects

Place Cosandey

The FEE provided CHF 520,000 to help finance the renovation of Place Cosandey, alongside a private sponsor

EPF l oop

The FEE provided CHF 100,000 in funding to help the EPF l oop team prepare for the 2018 HyperLoop competition held by Elon Musk. That was the team’s first year in the competition, and it came in third place

Bike Center

The FEE provided CHF 100,000 in funding for the new Bike Center, to expand the range of services that it delivers to the growing number of bike enthusiasts. The design for the center, which opened in April 2018, was selected through the Sustainable is Beautiful competition – also financed by the FEE.

Bike racks on campus

The FEE provided CHF 58,000 to finance new bike racks in 2018. The additional racks, which accommodate 600 bikes, help reduce the shortage of bike parking on campus.


The FEE provided CHF 98,000 to build a secure parking area for bicycles in the Quartier Nord. Now students don’t have to worry if they need to leave their bikes for an extended period.


Ongoing assistance programs

Need-based grants

The FEE’s primary goal is to provide grants to students in need. The EPFL Social Committee supports the FEE in its work by selecting grant recipients.

Poseidon program

The FEE provides guarantees so that students can take out interest-free loans with Credit Suisse to purchase a laptop.

US exchange program

For exchange students going to the US, the FEE provides the required guarantees and statements attesting to the students’ financial ability.


Other major FEE funding programs

  • Career center: the FEE provided a total of CHF 500,000 to finance the first five years of the career center’s operations.
  • Health Point: the FEE provided CHF 100,000 per year to set up the campus clinic (Point Santé), in association with Unisanté.
  • Electric barbecues: the FEE financed the purchase of the electric barbecues (Polygrills) located in Dorigny, the Quartier Nord and Microcity.
  • Bike-sharing system: the FEE made an initial investment of CHF 300,000 to help EPFL become the first university in French-speaking Switzerland with a bike-sharing system, through the installation of six bike-sharing stations in Dorigny.
  • Student housing: the FEE financed all the furniture that went into the Les Estudiantines student housing complex (CHF 700,000) and half of the cost of the furniture in the Atrium (CHF 250,000).