During my internship

Evaluation and deliverables of internship

Two weeks before the end of the internship, a link to an online evaluation form will be sent to the internship supervisor by the School. The information provided by the company will be used by the department to determine the success or failure of the internship.

The student will also receive an evaluation form concerning the company and his self-assessment of the skills and knowledge acquired during the internship. This feedback has no impact on the decision by the department whether to validate the internship or not.

In addition to the above, depending upon the Master’s degree program enrolled in, the student may be required to provide a report or presentation on his/her internship experience to EPFL. In this case, s/he must inform the internship supervisor about this requirement at the beginning of the internship.

If the company internship is done within the framework of a Master’s degree project, an evaluation form is not automatically sent. Each Master’s project, however, is evaluated based upon both a written report and an oral defense in front of a jury.

Modification of the dates of internship

If the dates of the internship are modified with regard to the initial contract, it is imperative to immediately inform the department’s internship coordinator, who will make an amendment to the agreement and will revise the dates in the academic registrar.

Modification of the dates of an internship does not generally cause problems as long as the minimum length of the internship as required by the academic regulations is respected, and that the end date allows the student to return to school in a timely fashion to complete his/her program (generally at the beginning of each semester).

Problems in the course of an internship

The student is invited to discuss any problems which arise with his/her internship supervisor first, and if necessary, with the appropriate personnel within the company (e.g. human resources). Even so, since the student remains registered at EPFL for the duration of the internship, if the problem persists in spite of taking these steps within the company, s/he should contact his/her internship coordinator to explain the situation and discuss solutions in order to ensure the success of the internship.

Work certificates

In Switzerland, by law the company has to supply an attestation of employment to the student at the end of the internship. It must include at a minimum details about the title, dates and duties of the intern, and comment on the employer’s level of satisfaction with the work completed and his/her behavior. Letters of reference or expanded comments in the certificate are not required, but may be requested by the student to his/her supervisor, as they can be very useful for the job search upon graduation