Matriculation and end-of-studies certificates

A matriculation certificate is provided for every semester of studies at EPFL, once the student has completed the procedure to register for that semester. It is available to download and print out directly from the IS-Academia portal.

An end-of-studies certificate is provided as soon as matriculation has ended, regardless of the reason why the studies have ended (succsseful completion of a study program, definitive failure, dropping out, or disciplinary measures). It is available to download and print out directly from the IS-Academia portal. This document may be required, e.g., to register with another University.

For more information about the end of studies, please consult the page End of studies and reregistration.

Certificate for the unemployment office

The end-of-studies certificate may be used to attest the end of matriculation at EPFL. If need be, the Registrar’s office can certify this certificate. Please send a request to the Student Services Desk, making sure to provide your current postal address, as well as the PDF of the attestation (if in your possession).

Certificate for teaching languages

A generic certificate is available on the webpage about teaching languages. No specific certificate can be delivered on this topic.

Specific certificates

For any other specific certificates, please submit your request to the Student Services Desk.

If it is possible for the Registrar’s Office to produce the requested certificate, you will need to order it by completing the online form Commande de documents Bachelor / Master (in French only) and paying a flat fee of Fr. 30.-.