EPFL Facts presents EPFL’s institutional data and informs you about ongoing data projects. You can explore the data in its original form or contextualised.
Illustration représentant plusieurs bâtiments emblématiques de l'EPFL. Des silhouettes posent devant. Une grande inscription "Facts" complète l'image © EPFL

Drawing showing several emblematic buildings of the EPFL. Silhouettes pose in front of them. A large inscription "Facts" completes the image © EPFL

Data as a mirror of an institution

Data can often be more revealing than long speeches. They allow us to understand an institution through its multiple facets, whether it be its missions, its operations, its organisation or its achievements. EPFL unveils itself through its data and the key figures that define it, revealing general statistics as well as some unknown angles. For EPFL, the transparency of its data is also a communication channel to reflect its identity, evolution, and dynamism.

This site presents EPFL’s institutional data. You will find the raw data of the institution’s key indicators, and you can explore their trend. You will also find thematic overviews reflecting EPFL’s actions in critical areas, as well as the impact of an academic institution on its environment and its role in society.

Extrait du EPFL key performance indicators 2020 © EPFL

Discover our School’s main achievements in numbers

Capture d'écran de statistiques de l'EPFL

Consultez les statistiques plus détaillées relatives à l’éducation, la recherche, l’innovation, les finances, le personnel, la durabilité et les rankings de l’Institution.

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A network of interconnected academic data instantly accessible in a single place.

Data stories