Equality and Diversity

Equal opportunities are an integral part of EPFL’s development and excellence policy. The Equal Opportunity Office is attached to the Vice Presidency for Responsible Transformation (VPT).

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EPFL’s equal opportunity policy is based on federal legislation, ETH Domain specific legislation, as well as on EPFL’s Development Plan and the agreement on objectives between EPFL and the ETH Board.

On this basis, together with its steering committee and in cooperation with faculties and services, the Equal Opportunity Office draws up action plans to foster equal opportunities.

Family and work-life

Child Care solutions, Financial Help, Parents Network and Legal Advice During Pregnancy

Equality and careers

Courses, coaching, mentoring, events, for women. Dual Career Support, Biases seminars,…


Equality News


FLP Workshop: Design your Future


With: Afi Sika Kuzeawu
Category: Internal trainings

REGARD Workshop: Ally Training for men: How to stand up against discrimination, sexism, and bias


With: Dr. Bettina Palazzo, expert in ethical leadership, Palazzo Ethics Advisory
Place and room: BI A0 448
Category: Internal trainings

REGARD Workshop: Self-empowerment: discover how to build your power to act


With: Nir Zalts, expert for leadership and professional development
Place and room: BI A0 448
Category: Internal trainings

FLP Workshop: Done Being Nice! Increase your assertiveness in institutional power games!


With: Sibyl Schädeli
Place and room: BI A0 448
Category: Internal trainings

FLP Workshop: Academic mobility and dual career planning


With: Sarah Blackford
Place and room: ONLINE
Category: Internal trainings

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