Equality and Diversity

Equal opportunities are an integral part of EPFL’s development and excellence policy. The Equal Opportunity Office is attached to the Vice Presidency for Responsible Transformation (VPT).

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EPFL’s equal opportunity policy is based on federal legislation, ETH Domain specific legislation, as well as on EPFL’s Development Plan and the agreement on objectives between EPFL and the ETH Board.

On this basis, together with its steering committee and in cooperation with faculties and services, the Equal Opportunity Office draws up action plans to foster equal opportunities.


Task Force Harassment, Respect @ EPFL, Inclusive Language, Safe Space & LGBTIQ+, Inclusive Name Change, Women in Science, etc.

Family and work-life

Child Care solutions, Financial Help, Parents Network and Legal Advice During Pregnancy

Equality and careers

Courses, coaching, mentoring, events, for women. Dual Career Support, Implicit Bias Awareness Seminars,…


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Equal Opportunity & Diversity News

Equal Opportunity & Diversity Events

Sexual Harassment Awareness Day 2024 (second part)


Place and room: CM 1 4
Category: Miscellaneous

La Visite de la Vieille Dame – Représentation de la troupe Les Polyssons


With: Troupe : Les Polyssons Mise en scène et affiche : Eugénie Bouquet Création lumière : Valentine Cuenot, Florian Gumy Création son : Antoine Klotz Jeu : Benjamin Ansermet, Luca Boldo, Patricia Burch, Laurène Buriot, Rémi Claude, Julie Dick, Myriam dos Santos Pêgo, Isabelle Fasnacht, Anatole Frund, Colleen Lonfat, Wilson Felipe Osorio Moreno, Florian Zahno
Place and room: Vortex, UNIL (Salle Nucleo)
Category: Cultural events

Guided tour of the fixed works of art on campus


With: Véronique Mauron Layaz, historienne de l’art et responsable du CDH-Culture
Place and room: Sur l'Esplanade
Category: Exhibitions

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