School of Computer and Communication Sciences

Our School is one of the main European centers for education and research in the field of computing.

School of Computer and Communication Sciences

We take pride in educating students at all levels in the exciting and world-changing fields of science and technology, performing research that drives forward the boundaries of knowledge, as well as fostering the commercial use of our research and the entrepreneurial spirit of our faculty and students.

The artifacts and software of the technology revolution have changed peoples’ lives in countless ways over the past half century. And, this revolution is not over! The intellectual accomplishments of computer science are diffusing into many other disciplines, changing the way that researchers, practitioners, and people in general see their world and conceive of solutions. We are proud and happy to be at the center of these revolutions.


We offer a bachelor program in Computer Science and one in Communications. We also offer four master’s programs: Computer Science, Communications, Data Science and Cyber Security.


Research in IC spans a broad range of topics. Our faculty members are world leaders in many of these areas, and our PhD students go on to successful careers in academia and industry throughout Switzerland and the world.


Our school works closely with industry, both in Switzerland and throughout the world, to lend our expertise to solve challenging problems and to bring new ideas from our labs into innovative products.

What’s new? 

The economic horizons of artificial intelligence: Interview with Rachid Guerraoui, professor of computer science at the EPFL and specialist in artificial intelligence, on RTS’s 19h30.

24.05.2023 – 17:00 › 18:30

Inaugural Lectures – Prof. Martin Jaggi & Prof. Michael Kapralov

A Brief Journey through Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence & Sublinear Algorithms

We’re running two faculty searches this season and one is in all areas of Computer and Communication Sciences, at all levels of seniority.


School of Computer and Communication Sciences


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