Semester project




Project duration  14 weeks   Project duration  14 weeks
Delivery of the report to the lab 15.01.2021   Delivery of the report to the lab  11.06.2021
Grades to be given to the Registar’s office 01.02.2021   Grades to be given to the Registar’s office  28.06.2021

Additional information
Duration of project: 14 weeks with 18 hours of work per week (12 hours for the optional project)
Preparation: 30 hours before start of semester
Report writing and presentation: 30 hours after the end of the semester.
Total workload: 312 hours of work for 12 credits (228 hours for the optional project worth 8 credits).
Instructions for registration to semester project
  • Visit the websites of the different laboratories listed below to find proposed projects.
  • If you would like to do a project in a laboratory that is not listed, please ask for the authorisation from the Director of the Program or the Deputy Head by sending an e-mail to Antonella Veltro (IN) /Carole Dauphin (SC/DS)/ Khadidja Zrelli (CYBER)
  • For Cybersecurity, please complete the form “Semester project” and return it by email to Khadidja Zrelli
  • Reserve your project with the professor in charge, from the date indicated by the secretariat.
  • Discuss your project with the professor and the assistant in charge of the project.
  • Deadline : 31st January for a project in spring, 31st August for a project in autumn.
  • Register to your project in IS-Academia from the opening of the registrations as per Student services’ notification.
  • Important: the registration in IS-Academia is the only official registration that will be considered for the semester project.