Students enrolled in a Master program in a domain leading to an engineer title have to complete an industry internship or master project before graduation. Join our internship program and discover what Communication Systems’ creative and skilled students have to offer.

By hosting an intern, you can :

  • discover new profiles and find future employees
  • integrate ideas and new perspectives
  • establish links with EPFL by taking an active part in the formation of the future
  • allow students to apply their studies

Practical aspects

  • duration of 6 months, within the Swiss academic calendar (mid-February to September and mid-July to February)
  • applications done 4-5 months before start
  • In most cases, our professors do not sign non-disclosure agreements, as we have an open environment that is not set up to maintain confidentiality. Moreover, it is contrary to the spirit of our school, as all the research results can be published and shared.

Post an internship

The EPFL internships portal is convenient to promote internship ads and manage students applications for free. Advertising your offers here ensures you an optimal exposure.

  • applications are reviewed to ensure they meet your requirements
  • you will only receive resumes from candidates with the desired profile
  • 800 listings are currently published

Create an account now on the internship portal to be informed about the upcoming deadlines. If you have any questions concerning specific details, we will be glad to answer to you as fast as possible.

What we offer

Through our areas of research and teaching, our students are familiar with a wide range of fields such as Wireless, Networking, Signal Processing, Security, Software Engineering, Graphics, Big Data, Algorithms, AI , Computational Biology, Computer Architecture, Data Management, Human-Computer Interaction or Information Theory.

Research possibilities

Students can write their master thesis during a research internship. If your company does research in a specific field, consider turning an internship into a research project. This will also allow you to get closer to the research conducted at EPFL through the IC professor who will be supervising the thesis.

Information for students

As a Master student, it is mandatory to undertake an engineering internship in a company during your studies. This internship aims to facilitate your immersion in the professional world, aware you of the teamwork and familiarize yourself with the industry procedures.

In addition, you can test your skills and apply the knowledge gained at EPFL.

Models of internships

  • Short internship
    minimum duration of 8 weeks and can only be conducted during the summer in Switzerland or abroad
  • Long internship
    minimum duration of 6 months. This option takes place during a semester
  • Master’s Project in the Industry
    integrated with the Master’s Project for a period of 25 weeks

For “short” and “long” internships dates are flexible.

Master’s Project duration

  • 18 weeks (including 1 vacation week) at EPFL, and for Cyber students also at ETHZ
  • 26 weeks (including 1 vacation week) in the industry or in another university

Possible starting dates for the Master’s Project

  • Autumn semester: from 1st August to 1st October (for Cyber students, from 1st September to 1st October)
  • Spring semester: from 15th February to 1st March

(NB : the exams results must be known at time of starting your Master Project)

How to prepare your application?


In the office on Tuesdays and Thursdays
10h00 – 12h00 / 14h00 – 16h00
Monday – Friday : available by email or by phone

Deputy Head of the Bachelor and Master Programs Eileen Hazboun

Computer Science and Cyber Security Programs Director Anne-Marie Kermarrec

Communication Systems and Data Science Programs Director Serge Vaudenay