Mobility on the EPFL campus

Mobility plan


At EPFL, there are more bicycles than cars! This result was made possible thanks to the implementation of an ambitious and innovative mobility plan.



Bike center

The Bike Center is the heart of EPFL’s cycling movement : a point of sale for new and second-hand bikes, cycling gear at reduced cost, as well as repairs at cost price.


A total of twelve PubliBike stations are available on campus. EPFL students and employees are entitled to an annual or semester subscription at a preferential rate.

More initiatives

Bike to work, velostation, self-service cargobikes, … Discover all the initiatives of EPFL Sustainability in favour of cycling!

Public transports

Services and schedules

Everything you need to know about the public transport services available on the EPFL campus.

Subsidies on SBB passes

EPFL employees are entitled to a free half-fare pass or a 15% discount on the purchase of a general pass (AG).

Subsidies on regional passes (Mobilis)

EPFL employees can request a 25% reduction when purchasing their monthly or annual regional pass.

Driving alternatives


Several Mobility car-sharing vehicles are available on campus for your business or private trips.


Need to recharge your electric vehicle? At EPFL you will find 24 charging stations, including 6 public ones.


Everything you need to know about EPFL’s parking offer and policy.

Business mobility


Trips by plane

Business trips by plane have a significant impact on EPFL’s CO2 footprint. Three studies were conducted to define an exemplary travel policy.

Travel planner routeRANK

Plan your trip as well as possible according to price, duration or CO2 emissions.


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