Mobility and Travel

Commuting and business travel were the EPFL’s main source of greenhouse gas emission in 2022 with 12% and 38% of its Carbon Footprint. In order to reduce its environmental impact, the School has decided to implement an innovative and ambitious mobility plan and to review its Travel Policy.
Maison de la mobilité @ Alain Herzog EPFL 2023

Maison de la mobilité, av. Piccard © Alain Herzog EPFL

In 2023, the School formalized its climate objectives and an action plan in the Climate & Sustainability Strategy, in order to reduce its CO2 emissions by an average of 40% (from 2019 levels) and to aim for Net Zero by 2040. Representing half the environmental impact of the School, commuting and business travel were identified as main priority lines of action of the Climate Strategy.

In order to respond to the EPFL’s Climate and Sustainability Strategy and to reduce the environmental impact of its community’s travel, various projects have been implemented in the field of commuting and business travel. The main objectives, achievements and results by theme are summarised in this document (PDF, only in French).


One third of EPFL’s overall CO2 emissions are due to air travel. It is therefore a priority to reduce the School’s carbon footprint with regard to travel. Let us help you organize more sustainable trips!

Vélo sur le campus © EPFL Niels Ackermann / Lundi13

There are now more bicycles than cars at EPFL. This is just one encouraging achievement of our ambitious, innovative plan to encourage clean transportation. Take a look at our services!