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As part of its Climate and Sustainability Strategy, EPFL intends to reduce the use of private cars, with the aim of reducing the number of parking spaces available on campus by 30% by 2030.

In order to improve the use of existing resources, EPFL has introduced a flexible parking policy with consumption-based payment, as well as charging stations from Eaton and GOFAST.


Parking regulations for the EPFL campus define the rights and conditions of parking on the Ecublens campus (in French only).

A parking permit is required every working day, from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Reserved spaces for people with reduced mobility

Free reserved parking spaces for people with reduced mobility are available throughout the campus. See the EPFL interactive map.

Mutual green spaces

Mutual green spaces are reserved for EPFL staff, permanent service providers and a limited number of students selected on the basis of applications.

The green spaces are managed through an online parking permit purchase system, via the Camipro wallet. This enables drivers to pay for their parking space according to actual use.

A price cap system is in place, so that you will never pay more than CHF 45 per month (period from the1st of the month to the last day of the month), or more than CHF 400 per year (period from1st January to 31st December).

Half day (7am-1pm / 11am-5pm) :
CHF 1.50
Day (7am-5pm) :
CHF 2.50
Month (full month) :
CHF 45.00

Once you have reached your monthly (or annual) limit, any parking permits you buy during the current month will cost you CHF 0.

A parking permit is required on working days, from 7am to 5pm. Outside these hours, parking in the green zones is free.

Parking permits that have been paid for but not used (“I bought a permit for such and such a day, but in the end I didn’t come with my car”) will not be refunded.

The following is a map (PDF, in French only, 267 KB) of the green parking spaces available across the campus.

The people entitled to use the green spaces are EPFL staff (employees, doctoral students, apprentices, people in continuing education) and permanent service providers (catering, security, cleaning, etc.), as well as 200 students selected by application.

Parking permits are issued by name (person’s name and number plate(s)). Occasional visitors are therefore not allowed in the green spaces, but are redirected to the parking meters (white spaces).

For a member of EPFL staff or a permanent service provider, there are two methods of purchasing a parking permit:

  • Buying permits via the EPFL Campus application (smartphone)

Download the EPFL Campus application (iOS or Android). Follow the procedure in the booking and payment manual (PDF, 700KB).

  • Purchasing authorisations via myCAMIPRO (PC)

Connect to the purchase website (Gaspar login required). Follow the instructions on the web page.

Please note! It is essential that you have enough money in your Camipro wallet to buy one or more parking permits. If it is not enough, you will have to top up your Camipro card.

Bachelor’s and Master’s students can purchase a semester parking permit (CHF 75.-/semester) on the EPFL Campus application (iOS or Android) or on the dedicated purchase website.

In the EPFL Campus application, you will find the “car parks” tab, which will take you to a registration form.

The periods for making your request are as follows:

  • Spring semester: registration from 1 to 31 January
  • Autumn semester: registration from 1 to 31 August

Only 200 parking permits are issued to members of the student community.

If your application is successful, you will receive an e-mail inviting you to pay for your semester parking permit via the EPFL Campus application or on the website (payment by Camipro wallet only).

The following people are also eligible for a parking permit for green spaces:

  • employees of the Fondation pour la Formation Continue UNIL-EPFL
  • EPFL Language Centre employees
  • staff of the International Academy of Sports Science and Technology (AISTS)

Registration for the system is subject to validation, which is carried out by sending an e-mail to [email protected].

Security guards check parked vehicles by scanning number plates. A “negative” scan indicates a vehicle without a valid parking permit. Data is processed in accordance with the Federal Data Protection Act (LPD).

Only tickets issued as a result of a technical problem with the computer system for which EPFL is responsible will be cancelled. Other tickets will not be cancelled.

We would remind you that parking outside the box is not tolerated.

Please note that unpaid statements of offence are automatically forwarded to the police commission.

Yellow spaces

Yellow spaces are private paying spaces reserved for EPFL staff and permanent service providers.

The price of an annual season ticket for a yellow seat is CHF 1,020 per year. This amount is deducted from your salary at a rate of CHF 85 per month.

If you have already reserved a seat, your subscription will be automatically renewed until you cancel it at [email protected].

Please send your request to [email protected], indicating the desired geographical area.

Please note that there is a waiting list. The EPFL cannot guarantee that your application will be accepted immediately.

White spaces

The white spaces are accessible to external campus users. They are managed using parking meters or various electronic payment solutions.

Authorisation is required on working days, from 7am to 5pm:

First hour :
CHF 1.00
The additional hours :
CHF 2 per hour

Outside these hours, parking in the white zones is free.

  • By change at the pay station
  • Via the Parkingpay app (iOS, Android, web): integrating all payment methods used in Switzerland.
  • Via the EasyPark app (iOS, android): payment by credit card.
  • Via the Twint app (iOS, android): scan the QR code on the parking meter.

Please note: only payment via the three applications mentioned above is available for Avenue Forel tickets. You will find more information directly on the signposting in place.

Here is a map (PDF, in French only, 88 KB) of the white parking spaces available throughout the campus.

Located under the SwissTech Convention Centre, this 280-space car park is available to all visitors to the Quartier Nord (Les Arcades, SwissTech Convention Centre and SwissTech Hotel).

Car park height: max 2.20 m.

Hourly rates

Parking duration (in hour)During the day
(7am – 9pm)
During the night
(9pm- 7am)
1st hourfree2.-
From 5 hours5.-/per additional hour 4.-/per additional hour

Lost ticket: 30.00

Monthly rental

Parking spaces can be rented in the EPFL – SwissTech Village car park for CHF 180.00/month incl. VAT.

For further information, contact
-Comptoir Immobilier, Lausanne
– Telephone number: +41 21 313 23 33

Parkossecure Sàrl manages the visitor car parks at Les Jordils 41.

Procedure for using the visitor parking spaces:

  • Registration when arriving at the building (see guide, only in French, PDF)
  • Information signs have been displayed in front of the visitor parking spots to better guide visitors. Posters have also been placed at building entrances as a reminder.

A Parkosecure Sàrl agent will be doing rounds and scanning each visitor’s badge. Visitors who fail to register will be fined.

Parking spaces for two-wheeled vehicles

Parking spaces are spread throughout the campus and are near certain buildings.

See interactive map

EPFL campus in Neuchâtel (Microcity)

Parking spaces can be mutualised between EPFL-NE staff members.

On myCAMIPRO, a function allows private parking spaces on the Neuchâtel campus to be pooled to make better use of existing parking resources.

Tenants of a parking space at Microcity (MC) have the option of making it available to other EPFL-NE staff when the space is unused.

I don’t have a parking space in Neuchâtel :

  1. Register for the parking space sharing portal
  2. Reserve a free time slot on the platform.

I have a parking space in Neuchâtel:

  1. Log on to the car park sharing portal
  2. Select the days and half-days on the platform when your parking space is unused.
  3. The space becomes free and can then be reserved by other people.

A fee of CHF 2.50 per time slot (morning, afternoon or night) is deducted from the booking person’s Camipro account and automatically credited to the Camipro account of the person holding the seat.

Access to the car park is automatically provided on the Camipro card of the person making the reservation.

Charging stations

EPFL employees and external visitors have access to several Eaton and GOFAST charging stations on the Ecublens campus.


Eaton is an international power company with over 100 years’ experience in energy management. Following a collaboration with EPFL, various charging stations are available on campus.

  • 18 recharging points (card) are available for EPFL staff only. Car parks: Rivier (2), Esplanade (9), BC (5), Argand (2)
  • 6 recharging stations (card) available for external users. Car parks: BC (1), Esplanade (2), Quartier Nord (2), EPFL Innovation Park (1)
  • EPFL staff are entitled to a free EVPASS subscription (42.-/year) by registering via myCAMIPRO. The EVPASS subscription gives access to the recharging network at a preferential rate (59 cts/kWh).
  • For EVPASS members (excluding EPFL staff): CHF 0.59/kWh
  • Price per charge for non-members: CHF 0.99 + CHF 0.69/kWh


GOFAST operates the largest fast-charging network in Switzerland, with more than 90 sites across the country.

A GOFAST charging station with two charging spaces is available for the EPFL community as well as external users.

See location

  • 0.55 CHF/kWh
  • Blockage charge after 61 minutes: CHF 0.25/Min.


For all information concerning authorisations:

[email protected]

For all questions concerning payment by Camipro :

[email protected]

For questions about charging stations:

– Eaton: Contact form

– GOFAST: [email protected]

For all questions relating to car park regulations:

[email protected]

For help on Campus:

– EPFL car park desk(CO 051)

– Mon-Fri: 7.30am – 12.00pm

– Phone +41 21 693 89 79

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