Parking and charging stations

Parking EPFL © EPFL Niels Ackermann / Lundi13

EPFL has several parking lots and many parking spaces with differentiated use (EPFL staff, visitors, …).

In addition, charging stations for electric cars are also available at several locations on campus.

Parking lots

EPFL has three types of parkings: shared green spaces and private yellow spaces for employees. The white parkings with ticket machines are reserved for visitors.

Neuchâtel campus offers the possibility to tenants of a parking space at MC to make it available to other EPFL-NE employees when they are not using it.

Parking conditions on the Ecublens campus are detailed in the EPFL Parking Regulations.

The green places are reserved for EPFL staff, Innovation Park companies and permanent service providers.

Green spaces are managed through an online parking authorizations purchase system, via one’s Camipro purse. This enables drivers to pay for their parking spaces according to actual use.

A parking authorization is necessary on week days, from 7 am to 5 pm.

Reservations and payment for parking authorizations will be made through the EPFL Campus app (iOS or Android), or on the myCAMIPRO website.

A price capping system is implemented to ensure you never pay more than CHF 45.- per month (period from the first day of the month to the last), respectively never more than CHF 400.- per year (period from January 1 to December 31).

CHF 1.50
Half-day (7h-13h / 11h-17h)
CHF 2.50
Full day (7h-17h)
CHF 45.-
Monthly (full month)

Once you have reached your monthly (respectively annual) cap, parking authorizations that you purchase during the ongoing month will cost you CHF 0.-

A parking authorization is necessary on week days, from 7 am to 5 pm. Outside these hours, parking on green spaces is free.

Parking authorizations that have been paid but not used (“I bought a parking authorization for such day but in the end I did not come by car to work”) are not reimbursed.

Here a map of the main green parking spaces across the campus.

Campus users entitled to use green spaces are EPFL staff members (employees, postgraduates, apprentices) and permanent service providers (catering, security, cleaning, etc.), as well as 200 students selected according to their application file.

The parking authorizations are nominative (name of person + plate(s) number(s)). Occasional visitors are hence redirected to the white areas (with parking meters).

For an employee or a permanent service provider, here are the two methods to purchase a parking authorization:

  • Authorization purchase via the EPFL Campus app (smartphone)

Download the EPFL Campus app (iOS or Android). Follow the procedure in the reservation and payment manual (PDF, 632 KB).

  • Authorization purchase via myCAMIPRO (computer)

Connect to the purchasing website (compulsory Gaspar login). Follow the instructions on the website.

Caution! It is essential that the balance of your Camipro purse is high enough to purchase one or several parking authorizations. If it is not sufficient, you will have to charge your Camipro card.

If you are a Bachelor or Master student and you wish to obtain a parking authorization for the semester (CHF 75.-/semester), you need to register on the EPFL Campus app (iOS or Android) or on the dedicated purchasing website.

In the EPFL Campus app, you will find the “parking” tab that will take you to a registration form.

The periods to submit your request are the following:

  • Spring semester: registration from January 1 to 31
  • Fall semester: registration from August 1 to 31

Only 200 parking authorizations will be delivered to students.

If your request is accepted, you will receive an email inviting you to pay for your semester’s parking authorization through the EPFL Campus app (iOS or Android) or the website (payment with your Camipro purse only).

If you are an employee from an EPFL Innovation park company and you need a parking authorization on a green parking place, you have to ask your administrator. He or she will confirm that you are eligible, because only a limited number of parking authorizations are available for the companies of EPFL Innovation Park.

Once you have confirmation from your administrator that a green parking place is available, he or she will have to inform the parking desk (managed by Securitas) via e-mail. They will make sure your name is on the list of authorized people.

Then, in order to activate your parking authorisation, you can either:

Once your parking account is active, you can purchase parking authorizations via the EPFL Campus mobile App (iOS or Android), or through the dedicated website (Gaspar account necessary). You can also purchase these at the parking desk.

The following persons are also eligible for green spaces:

  • Staff of the Formation Continue UNIL-EPFL Foundation
  • Staff of the Language Centre EPFL
  • Staff of the International Academy of Sports Science and Technology (AISTS)

Their registration in the system is subject to validation, by sending an e-mail to [email protected].

Security agents control parked vehicles by scanning number plates. A “negative” scan signals a vehicle without a valid parking authorization. Data is processed in accordance with the Federal Act on Data Protection (FADP).

Only parking tickets linked to information system failures under the responsibility of EPFL may be cancelled; all other parkings tickets cannot be cancelled.

We would like to remind you that parking outside the parking spots is not tolerated.

Please note that parking tickets that have not been paid will be forwarded to the police commission.

The white spaces are accessible to campus visitors. They are managed with parking meters and various dematerialized payment solutions.


A parking authorization is required on working days, from 7am to 5pm:

CHF 1.-
for the first hour
CHF 2.-
for the following hours

Outside these hours, parking on white spaces is free.

  • Payment by cash directly at the parking meter
  • Payment via the Parkingpay app (iOS, android, web): integrating all main payment methods used in Switzerland.
  • Payment via the EasyPark app (iOS, android): leader in Europe, payment by credit card.
  • Payment via the Twint app (iOS, android): scanning of the QR code on the meter.

Here a map (PDF, 88 KB) of white parking spaces across campus.

Located under the SwissTech Convention Centre, the parking lot provides space for up to 280 cars and is mainly intended for clients of the shopping area. The flux of conference attendees will generally be taken over by public transport, in particular by the metro.

Parking height: max 2.20 m.

Parking timeDay
(7 am – 9 pm)
(9 pm – 7 am)
1st hourfree2.-
From 5:01 a.m. onwards5.-/overtime hour5.-/overtime hour

Lost ticket: 30.-

Parking spaces are available for rent in the EPFL – SwissTech Village car park for CHF 180.00/month including VAT.

More information:
Comptoir Immobilier, Lausanne
Phone: +41 21 313 23 33

Private paying places, reserved for EPFL employees and permanent service providers.

The price of the annual pass for a yellow space amounts to CHF 1,020.-/year. This sum is deducted from the salary at the rate of CHF 85.-/month.

If you already have a reserved space, your pass will be automatically extended as long as you have not canceled the reservation by contacting [email protected].

Thank you for sending your request to [email protected], specifying the geographical area that you want.

Caution! There is a waiting list; we cannot guarantee to give you satisfaction immediately.

The Camipro Service, EPFL Sustainability and the EPFL NE management have launched a pilot project to share parking spaces on the Neuchâtel campus in order to make better use of existing resources and to promote multimodal travel.

From June 2021 on, tenants of a parking space at MC will be able to make it available to other EPFL-NE employees when they are not using it.

  1. Register on the parking space sharing portal.
  2. Choose an available parking space on the portal.
  1. Log in the parking space sharing portal.
  2. Select on the platform days or half-days when you do not use your parking space. 
  3. The parking space becomes free and can then be reserved by other users.

Renting a parking space costs CHF 2.50 per time slot (morning, afternoon or night). It is deducted from the reserving person’s Camipro account and automatically credited to the Camipro account of the holder of the allocated space.

Access to the car park is automatically allocated to the applicant’s Camipro card.

Green Motion charging stations

EPFL employees and visitors have access to the Green Motion charging stations. The terminals are located throughout the campus.

  • 18 charging stations are available for employees only: Parkings: Rivier (2) Esplanade (9) BC (5) Argand (2)
  • 6 charging stations are available for visitors: Parkings: BC (1) Esplanade (2) Quartier Nord (2) EPFL Innovation Park (1)
  • EPFL employees are entitled to a free EVPASS subscription (59.-/year) by registering via myCAMIPRO. The EVPASS subscription gives access to the swiss charging network at the preferential rate: 57 cts/kWh
  • Price for EVPASS members: CHF 0.57/kWh
  • Price per charging for non-members: CHF 1.50 + CHF 0.65/kWh
  • For EPFL community: EPFL authorization for green or yellow spaces. Charging time is limited to a maximum of 5 hours. After registration, the CAMIPRO card can be used as a means of authentication on the entire EVPASS network.
  • For visitor: Parking price and hours: CHF 2.-/hour (paid directly at the charging station) MO-FR: 7am-5pm


 Parking desk

Monday-Friday: 7.30 am-12 am

Room CO 051
Parking issues: [email protected]
Camipro payment issues: [email protected]