Our Team

The Point Vélo Team in March 2023

Your bikes are repaired by a team of highly-skilled, non-professional mechanics. In addition to their careers as mechanics, all the members of our team are students in various EPFL departments.

If you’d like to join the team, just send us an e-mail!, send us an e-mail !

Mayeul Barthes

For me, a bicycle is…  an objet of brut art. A way of moving around your house, filling it up or even becoming your hosue. To burn off energy when you’ve got too much, to recharge your batteries when you’ve got too little. It’s everything you might need, and everything you might not!

My favourite cycling destination: downhill from the top, uphill from the bottom, straight ahead when it’s flat.

For me, Le Point vélo is… A place to learn, a place to live, a place to meet people – you could spend your best years there!

Elise Joulain

For me, cycling is… A great way to get around independently and get some fresh air.

My favourite cycling destination: Any route that doesn’t involve roads full of big, fast-moving cars that are too close to you.

For me, Le Point vélo is… A great place to share, talk and learn.

Jules Sachot

For me, cycling is… A simple, efficient and pleasant means of transport, but also a source of pleasure that lets you let off steam.

My favourite destination by bike: a small castle lost between the vines and the lake, with a beautiful sunset on the way back.

For me, Le Point vélo is… A way of encouraging people to take up cycling and look after their bikes, by learning how to repair them yourself with a great team!

Benjamin Colety

For me, cycling is… independence and freedom in terms of both transport and spirit.

My favourite cycling destination: Anywhere.

For me, Cycle Point is… A community where you can share experiences, tools and good times.

Clémence Rey

For me, cycling is… My favourite means of transport because it’s completely independent, accessible and also lets me do some sport.

My favourite cycling destination: Home after a long journey.

Bike Point, for me, is… A place where you get your hands dirty a lot but always for a good reason 🙂

For me, cycling is… Fun, friends, sport, my means of transport: my everyday life!

My favourite cycling destination: wherever I need to go.

For me, Le Point vélo is… Sharing my love of cycling and its mechanics, a great atmosphere and always more things to discover!

Justin Marichal

For me, cycling is… my sport, my passion.

My favourite cycling destination: the Dolomites.

For me, Le Point vélo is… a way of doing what I’m passionate about, which is building bikes with friends while earning a bit of money.

Chiara Freneix

For me, cycling is… freedom of movement and freedom in movement.

My favourite cycling destination: New landscapes (accompanied by a little sunshine and good friends, it’s always better!).

For me, Le Point vélo is… A big family of tinkerers, clothes that are always dirty and lots of laughs!

Joseph Bernard

For me, cycling is… The best way to get around, the one that doesn’t make any noise (if everything goes well), that lets you wake up in the morning and makes you completely independent, whatever the time of day or night.

My favourite cycling destination: my bed or the highest point on the horizon, but only if the view is worth it!

For me, Le Point vélo is… A place where you can share and always have a good time.

For me, cycling is… the best therapy. It’s what allows me to go where I want when I want, if my bike agrees.

My favourite cycling destination: to find little corners away from everyday life with friends on a sunny day.

For me, Le Point Vélo is… My little family on campus 🙂 It’s an incredible place to meet people and learn lots of new things!

For me, cycling is… a good companion.

My favourite cycling destination: fields of rapeseed at sunset, the lake at sunrise.

For me, Le Point vélo is… A place where you can get your hands dirty and clear your head.

For me, cycling is… whatever you want it to be! A means of transport, a sporting accessory, a work of art… The limit is your imagination.

My favourite cycling destination: a bar or a quiet place to relax with friends after a ride (or before a ride, or without a ride at all…)

For me, the BikePoint is… A chance for the whole EPFL community to learn, meet new people and have a great time.

For me, cycling is… One less car, hehe, but also the best way to clear your head, your muscles and your wallet. Above all, it’s the best way to share great moments with great people while riding or repairing your bike.

My favourite cycling destination: a little spot by the lake after a long ride with lots of friends!

For me, Le Point vélo is… A one-of-a-kind workshop that’s brought to life by its great team and great atmosphere!

For me, cycling is… being able to go where I want, when I want, with my hair blowing in the wind and the sun (or rain) on my skin.

My favourite cycling destination: any place where you can swim.

For me, Le Point vélo is… A place where you can learn lots of things and meet some really cool people.

For me, cycling is… A way of travelling while respecting the environment, looking after your health and enjoying the view.

My favourite cycling destination: Down the track or at the end of the world.

Le Point vélo, for me, is… A great place, looked after by a great team with a great community.

Les ancien·ne·s

Long life to them!

Lucas Schiltz, Michaël Farinelli, Côme Ladias, Jean Devergnies, Vassili Cruchet, Sixtine Guinard, Jael Locher, Christian Egger, César Toussaint…