Our Team

Point Vélo team in November 2021

Point Vélo is staffed by a team of highly skilled, non-professional mechanics who are also EPFL Bachelor’s or Master’s students from a variety of fields.

If you want to join the team, send us an e-mail!

Mayeul Barthes

For me, a bike is… A work of art. With a bike, you can move your personal space, decorate it, or even become one with it. You can use a bike to exercise when you have pent-up energy or simply need a boost. It’s everything you might need – and everything you might not!

My favorite cycling destination: Down from the top of a hill, up from the bottom of a hill, and straight ahead when it’s flat.

The Point Velo, for me, is... A place to learn, have fun, meet people, and above all, spend your best years!

Lucas Schiltz

For me, a bike is… A way of life, and something that has to be beautiful and go fast!

My favorite cycling destination: Somewhere deep in the mountains – the steeper, the better.

For me, the Point Velo is… A place to share and learn.

Elise Joulain

For me, a bike is… A great way to get around on your own and get some fresh air.

My favorite cycling destination: Any road that doesn’t involve lots of big cars passing by too close to you.

For me, the Point Velo is… A great place to share, discuss and learn.

Justin Marichal

For me, cycling is… my sport, my passion.

My favorite cycling destination: The Dolomites.

The Point Vélo, for me, it’s… A way to spend time doing something I’m passionate about – building bikes – with friends, while earning some money.

Jules Sachot

For me, the bicycle is… A simple, efficient and enjoyable means of transportation, but also a piece of equipment that lets me unwind and brings me pleasure.

My favorite destination by bike: A small castle nestled between vineyards and a lake, with a beautiful sunset on the way back.

For me, the Point Vélo is… A way to encourage people to cycle and take proper care of their bikes by teaching them how to fix a bike themselves. And Point Vélo is a great team!

Michaël Farinelli

For me, a bike is… A way to be free.

My favorite cycling destination: I’d like to go camping in Iceland with my bike.

For me, the Point Velo is… A family of crazy bike mechanics. But it’s also a great opportunity to learn everything (or almost everything) possible about bike mechanics.

Côme Ladias

For me, a bike is… A cloud – that is, a steel frame and huuuuge deflated tires!

My favorite cycling destination: As long as I’m with friends, and we have some good snacks in our bag, I’m fine with anything! Oh, and if there aren’t any cars around, that’s even better.

For me, the Point Velo is… A biiiiiig family 😉

Chiara Freneix

For me, a bike is: Movement in freedom and freedom in movement.

My favorite cycling destination: New landscapes. If they happen to be accompanied by a little sunshine and good friends, then even better!

For me, Point Vélo is: A big family of craftsmen, whose clothes are always dirty, but who always have plenty of laughs!

Joseph Bernard

For me, a bike is: The best means of travel. It makes no noise (if everything goes well!), it gets you out of bed in the morning, and gives you complete independence, whatever the time of day or night.

My favorite cycling destination: My bed or the highest point on the horizon, but only if the view is worth it!

For me, Point Vélo is: A place to share, where we always have a good time.

Benjamin Colety

For me, a bike is: Independence and freedom – not just in terms of transportation, but also for your mind.

My favorite cycling destination: Anywhere.

For me, Point Vélo is: A community for sharing experiences, tools and good times.

Clémence Rey

For me, a bike is: My favorite means of transportation. It’s completely independent, accessible and lets me get some exercise.

My favorite destination by bike: Home, after a long trip.

For me, Point Vélo is: A place where you often get your hands dirty, but always for a good reason. 🙂

For me, cycling is: Fun, friends, exercise, my way of getting around: in short, my life!

My favorite destination by bike: Wherever I have to go.

For me, Point Vélo is: Sharing a love of cycling and its mechanics, working in a great atmosphere and always learning new things.

The former members

Long live to them!

Vassili Cruchet, Sixtine Guinard, Jael Locher, Christian Egger, César Toussaint…