At EPFL, almost 80% of commuters use public transport or active mobility. This result was made possible by the implementation of an ambitious and innovative mobility plan.
Vélo sur le campus © EPFL Niels Ackermann / Lundi13

Biking on the campus © Niels Ackermann, Lundi13

In order to achieve the objectives set out in EPFL’s Climate and Sustainability Strategy, the School is progressively reducing the amount of space dedicated to traffic and car parking. It aims to improve universal mobility on its campuses, notably by collaborating with public transport operators and by developing adapted pedestrian and cycling infrastructures.


Getting to the EPFL campuses

A variety of itineraries by foot, bicycle, public transport, reduced mobility and individual motorised transport are indicated to access our campuses.

Pedestrians and reduced mobility

EPFL aims to create an accessible and inclusive campus for both pedestrians and people with reduced mobility.

Active Mobility

Point Vélo

The Point Vélo is the heart of the cycling movement at EPFL, selling new and second-hand bikes and cycling equipment, discounted repairs and free mechanics courses.


To promote and enhance the use of bicycles for commuting, EPFL provides a number of bike-sharing facilities on its campuses.

Events and other cycling services

Other cycling services support and encourage the growth of cycling on campus, such as the organisation of festive events and the deployment of secure infrastructure.

Public transportation

Public transportation

All the information you need about the tl sales point at EPFL, the regional and national public transport network, buying a public transport ticket and subsidies for buying a public transport season ticket can be found on this page.

Individual motorized transportation

Parkings and charging stations

To improve the pooling of existing resources, EPFL has introduced a flexible parking policy with pay-as-you-go parking and Eaton and GOFAST recharging stations.

Carpooling, car-sharing and rental cars

the EPFL provides its community with various shared mobility services: the Fairmove carpooling platform and Mobility car-sharing vehicles, as well as advantageous rates for car rental for private or professional purposes.


As part of its Climate and Sustainability Strategy, the School has committed to implementing a sustainable urban logistics action plan to reduce the environmental impact of deliveries on campus.

For more information:

EPFL mobility survey

Since 2003, we have been carrying out an annual survey of the types of transportation used by our students and employees.


Find answers to your questions about transportation at EPFL.


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