Point Vélo

Point Vélo © EPFL Olivier Wavre 2018

Point Vélo is the cornerstone of our efforts to encourage cycling. Located on our Lausanne campus, it serves as a point of sale for new and used bikes and for cycling gear at reduced prices; it also offers at-cost repairs and free bike mechanics classes. These products and services are available only to EPFL community members. You will be asked to present your Campiro card.

Point Vélo can repair bikes of all kinds. Each year, its staff repair more than 4,000 bikes and try to recycle and reuse spare parts as much as possible.

We sell used bikes (with light kit and lock included) at prices starting at CHF 150 for students and CHF 200 for employees. In addition, we offer up to 25% off new bikes and cycling equipment (helmets, lighting, safety kits, etc.). You can see all our cycling gear in our catalog (PDF 6 MB).

At Point Vélo, you will also find a bike wash station as well as tools for repairing your bicycle on your own.

Free bike mechanics classes

Point Vélo regularly holds free classes on bike mechanics (given in French), and has put together video tutorials on how to best look after your bike.

Our Team

Point Vélo is staffed by 12 students who have all received the necessary training (at Point Vélo). They devote several hours a week to providing this unique biking service to our community.


Mayeul Barthes
[email protected]
+41 21 693 97 15

During the semester: 
Monday-Thursday 12-1pm
Friday 12pm to 5pm
Other periods :
Monday- Friday 12 to 1 pm

And whenever the main doors are open.

Point Vélo
PV 94.0 (Bâtiment PV)
Station 2
CH-1015 Lausanne

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