Expense reimbursement


The Expense Management Tool enables all EPFL employees to manage the entire travel and expense management and validation process in an integrated, dematerialized and automated way. The main advantages are:

  • A clear process for all employees.
  • A complete view of the expenses incurred for each trip and, therefore, a more transparent process.
  • Fast and accurate cost accounting.
  • A dematerialized process.
  • An early validation of the trips, with a financial commitment on the relevant fund.


Expense Management Tool

Reserved for the rightful owners

Purchase Credit Cards

This means of payment is intended exclusively for online purchases with a value of less than CHF 5,000 per transaction, provided that it is not material to be inventoried, the monthly limit of this card being CHF 10,000.

Individual Credit Cards (CCC)

Individual credit cards (CCC) are made available to unit managers & frequent travelers and are used exclusively to purchase travel and related expenses.

Travel Directive

The directive concerning professional travel and the reimbursement of expenses sets out the rules for your expense reports. You will find the directive’s key elements in this section.


Useful Links:

LEX 5.4.1 – Directive on the use of credit cards at EPFL
LEX 5.6.1 – Directive on professional travel and the reimbursement of expenses
Viseca Card Protest form+
Academic Travel at EPFL

Contact information

For expense reports: contact finance support: [email protected]