Collaboration with industry

The EPFL favors closer ties to industry leading research in order to best meet the scientific, technological and societal challenges of the XXI century. Teams from the Vice Presidency are encouraging innovation and accompany all interested in working with EPFL company.
"innovative spirit @ Schindler" M. Silvio Napoli, CEO, and members of Schindler's management board Company presentation by Schindler AG, with a focus on how innovation plays an important part in its business model. April 4, 2016


Alain Herzog - 2014

Licencing Opportunities

EPFL licenses existing technologies, including patents and software, for commercial use.

Research Collaborations

We support any company interested in collaborating.

Boost your Partnership

Set up your R&D team at EPFL Innovation Park and get the most of it!


Access to Talents

Recruit the best students and alumni of the world


Executive and continuing education