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EPFL encourages companies to move closer to cutting-edge research in order to best meet the scientific, technological and societal challenges of the 21st century.
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Concerned about the quality of knowledge and technology transfer and its important contribution to the innovation ecosystem in Switzerland, EPFL supports researchers in their collaboration with industry, as well as any company (SME or large) interested in collaborating with research.

We are a team of 15 people with engineering backgrounds in various fields and extensive industry experience. Our services range from facilitating research collaborations to networking and branding opportunities, as well as access to EPFL talent and start-ups and sharing all our continuing education options with you.

Choose the services that suits you and we will accompany you throughout your journey to EPFL.

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Partnering Program

Test the value of EPFL as an innovation partner for one year, no strings attached.

Domaines De Recherche

Research Collaborations

Access EPFL’s expertise for your innovation projects.

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Start-ups and Technologies

Acquire new technologies either by collaborating with a start-up or accessing our technologies.


Innovation Park

Presence at EPFL Innovation Park

Boost your partnership, benefit from the proximity of the campus and install your R&D team at the EPFL Innovation Park.

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Talents and Continuing Education

Grow your scientific expertise through talent acquisition and continuing education.

Find the right partner if you are:

A company

We accompany you in your relationship with EPFL and guide you to the collaboration you want to establish.

An EPFL researcher

We accompany you in your relationship with the industry and guide you towards the collaboration you wish to establish.


KNOVA - new partnering program for EPFL and Industry © Alain Herzog 2021

EPFL launches KNOVA to push new partnership opportunities

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Codenamed KNOVA, the project takes its inspiration from kilonovae, phenomena that occur when two stars fuse to generate precious metals, a fitting metaphor for the advantages of combining academics and industry. This is a unique program, which primarily seeks to create flexible, practical, and impactful relationships between companies and EPFL so that everyone involved can benefit as much as possible. KNOVA’s goal is to accelerate strategic partnerships so that research can continue to push forward and new discoveries can be harnessed for the good of society.


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