Vice Presidencies

EPFL’s vice presidencies coordinate the School’s activities.
Vue aérienne de l'EPFL et du Léman © Jamani Caillet / EPFL 2020

Aerial view of EPFL and Lake Geneva © Jamani Caillet / EPFL 2020


EPFL’s vice presidencies coordinate the School’s activities. Each one is led by a vice president who is part of the School’s management team. Some also have associate vice presidents responsible for a specific area.

Vice presidents have decision-making authority over the activities they are responsible for. They are appointed by the ETH Board upon the recommendation of the EPFL president.

Vice Presidencies

Des étudiants sortant du Swisstech Convention Center lors de la rentrée 2017

The VPA ensures EPFL delivers excellence in research and education. It works through five associate Vice Presidencies.

Deux personnes à vélo dans l'Innovation Park © DR

The VPI the interface with industrial milieus, in particular through the EPFL Innovation Park, a place of interaction and proximity between companies and the campus.

Vue sur l'Esplanade de l'EPFL © Alain Herzog / EPFL 2018

The VPO oversees campus development as well as activities related to construction, security and operations, human resources, information systems and procurement.

The VPF is responsible for developing and implementing EPFL’s financial strategy. It oversees financial planning, controlling, accounting and treasury operations.

Dessin coloré du Rolex Learning Center, basé sur une photo d'Alain Herzog / EPFL

The Vice Presidency for Responsible Transformation works to reinforce values such as inclusion and sustainability throughout the School’s campus.