Vice Presidencies


Edouard Bugnion (VPSI) – Andreas Mortensen (VPR) – Caroline Kuyper (VPFI) – Martin Vetterli (President) – Etienne Marclay (VPRHO) – Marc Gruber (VPI) – Pierre Vandergheynst (VPE) – EPFL @ Olivier Christinat

Des étudiants sortant du Swisstech Convention Center lors de la rentrée 2017

The VPE oversees all training courses and encourages research in the educational sciences.

Un ordinateur avec, sur l'écran, une peinture de Albert Einstein façon Van Gogh. En dessous de table, une peinture aux accents fauvistes

The VPR wants to give EPFL researchers the means to excel in a stimulating, ambitious, diverse and welcoming community.

Vue plongeante sur la cage d'escaliers du bâtiment A de l'Innovation Park

The new VPI is EPFL’s interface with industry.

Image représentant la VPFI

The VPFI’s missions include long-term financial strategy and planning, the budget process, accounting consolidation, treasury, management and internal control as well as institutional data, risk and insurance management.


The VPRHO is in charge of human resources and the operation and development of infrastructure.

Un data center à l'EPFL

The VPSI is responsible of implementing EPFL’s digital strategy.