Accounting Department

The Accounting Department (COMPTA) is responsible for the general accounting and consolidation of EPFL’s accounts. It also provides support to all stakeholders, both internal and external, of the School. Finally, it coordinates inventory processes and manages tax operations.


Bertold Walther

Our main mission is to produce EPFL's consolidated annual financial statements. More than 20 people work daily to process expense reports and invoice without delay. The Accounting Department’s mission is also the management of the EPFL’s inventory processes, with nearly 80.000 assets under control.

Bertold Walther, head of the Accounting Department.


Our main missions

  • Keep the general accounting of the School.
  • Prepare the EPFL’s consolidated annual financial report.
  • Coordinate all inventory management activities.
  • Manage all tax-related operations.
  • Support new employees in their first steps at EPFL, through targeted training.
  • Answer questions from professors, researchers and unit managers.


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Vendor invoices

You will find here information such as how to process a vendor invoice and when the payments are carried out.

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Customer invoices

From the contract to the invoice sent to the customer: all the contacts, links and documents to manage customer invoices are gathered on this page.

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Expense reimbursement

In this section you will find all the information related to the reimbursement of your expenses, the use of credit cards at EPFL and the new expense report tool.


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Roles and responsibilities, mandatory thresholds and special cases: find here the rules, tools and other useful information on the inventory process.

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Signature register

You will find here all the information about the signature register, including a description of the signature rights required for purchasing and other tasks.

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Monthly closing

Deadlines, roles, responsibilities and contacts: you will find here all the information related to the monthly closing.


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Annual closing

Deadlines, roles, responsibilities and contacts: find all the information relating to the annual closing.