Vice Presidency for Operations (VPO)

The Vice Presidency for Operations is responsible for making sure that EPFL’s various campuses run smoothly. This includes overseeing matters related to catering, human resources, information systems, safety and security, the development and construction of campus facilities, and procurement.
Vue sur l'Esplanade de l'EPFL © Alain Herzog / EPFL 2018

View of the EPFL Esplanade © Alain Herzog / EPFL 2018


The Vice Presidency for Operations (VPO) strives to ensure that all EPFL employees are able to develop their potential and that the School is equipped with smart, sustainable campuses where there is a strong culture of knowledge sharing among users.

To reach this goal, the VPO works closely with the researchers, students and staff on the various campuses, as these individuals are its best customers, in order to achieve the highest possible standards of service and, in doing so, support EPFL in its pursuit of excellence.

Organizational structure

Matthias Gäumann © Alain Herzog / EPFL 2020
Matthias Gäumann © Alain Herzog / EPFL 2020

Vice President

Matthias Gäumann

Manager: Antoinette Musard

  • Collecting the necessary information for operations-related decisions and following up on those decisions
  • Maintaining consistency of message
  • Coordinating crosscutting organizational projects
  • Developing and managing performance indicators for the VPO’s services and user satisfaction


The Purchasing Department advises and supports EPFL units in their purchases of goods and services, with the objective of generating additional value for teaching and research.

The Development & Construction Department (VPO-DC) is managing relationships with local authorities, cantonal authorities, the federal government and other local partners in projects to develop EPFL campuses.

In partnership with all EPFL stakeholders, Human Resources attract, develop and nurture all employees so that our unique and vibrant teams and individuals are aligned with the School’s missions.

The Security and Operations Department teams (VPO-SE) are in charge of security, prevention and health issues on campus. They also oversee the maintenance and development of the buildings and technical facilities, as well as the activities inherent in the audiovisual, printing centre and catering services.

The Information Systems Department is responsible for implementing EPFL’s digital strategy.


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